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How to Train Your Dog


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Training your dog to respond to you will make your life easier and keep your dog happy and safe. I have listed a few tips below on how to train your dog. You should start training a puppy straight away, so that it doesn't develop too many bad habits.

Puppy Potty Training: You will need to toilet train a puppy when you first bring it home. Take it outside every couple of hours, especially after sleeping, eating and drinking, At first you could let your puppy urinate indoors on newspapers. Move the newspapers nearer to the door each day, and then outside.

Socializing: Young puppies need to be taught how to behave. Introduce them to people and animals slowly, so that they are not overwhelmed. They should also learn to be left on their on for a short time, so they don't get distressed every time you leave the time.

Positive Reinforcement Training: Simply put, it means to give your dog a treat every time it obeys you. We humans also like to be appreciated for good behavior and so is the case with dogs. You must reward your dog immediately after the good behavior so that the dog associates the reward with the action that caused the treat.

Commands: Start teaching your pet dog commands. Teach it to recognize its name and the word no, Always say no in a firm voice and back it up with a body signal, such as waving a finger. Make sure everyone in your family uses the same word and signal for each command. Be firm but don't lose your patience. Never hit your dog.

Come: To train train your dog to come to you, crouch down with your arms open and shout your pet's name and the the word come. When your dog comes, reward it with a dog treat. gradually increase the distance between you. Its best to keep your dog on a long, retractable lead at first, until you are sure it won't run off.

Sit! Stay!: Teach your dog to sit by raising a dog treat over your head so that the dog has to sit down to see it. At the same time say sit firmly. When your dog sits, praise it and give it the treat. To teach it to stay, put your hand out flat towards the dog's face and say stay slowly. Keep repeating this as you gradually move away. If your dog gets up, try again.

Clicker Training: This method makes use of Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov's techniques. Basically it involves conditioning your dog's behavior with the help of a clicker. A clicker is an instrument which makes clicking sound. So when your dog behaves properly and does as told, you click and then treat the dog. In this way you teach your dog to recognize what is a good dog behavior and how it should behave so that it gets a treat.

You might want to train your dog to compete in pet competitions. Agility classes are fun for both of you.


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Train Your Dog Train Obedience With Your Dog
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