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Are You Paying For Dog Training Classes You Don't Really Need?


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Sending your beloved pet to dog training classes can actually be very difficult for some owners. To them, having to send a dog to someone else to be trained can seem like some type of failure on their part, like having to send their own child away to detention camp or something! In reality many such dog training classes are very beneficial for the dogs and their owners as the dogs are taught how to be civil and social in a family setting, which is reassuring not just for the family but very calming for the dog as well. When a dog knows how to behave around people and other animals it's not so put off by their behavior and actions and knows what's expected of it as well.

There is one common mistake that many pet owners make when it comes to dog training classes and that's paying for too many classes or classes they don't really need. As an example, most pet owners simply need their dog to be taught the basics - how to sit on command, how to behave when on a leash, to be quiet when told, and so on. These are the things that will be covered in most any dog training classes you'll enroll your pet in and most schools teach these. Some will then also offer more intermediate or advanced commands that the majority of household pets don't really need. For example, it may be amusing to put a biscuit on a dog's nose and have him ignore it until you give him the command to eat it, but other than your own amusement, what does this serve? Food refusal, as it's called in dog training classes, isn't really all that necessary for most dogs or their owners.

Some who plan on entering their dog into a dog show may need to invest in more advanced dog training classes that will include teaching them how to run and jump on command and how to hold their head and body a certain way s they prance around in a circle with their owners, but again, unless you're putting your dog in a show these things are typically not necessary for your pet.

Most schools will outline all the different elements and activities of their dog training classes but some aren't as forthcoming. Some schools will simply have two levels of obedience training, with the advanced level covering extended teaching that only show dogs needs while their basic classes cover far too much for the average pet.

You should think of dog training classes as being just like any other school you might sign up for or product you buy - make sure that you're just paying for what you need and don't allow a slick salesman to add on any unnecessary extras! Dog training classes are typically a little costly so you need to be sure you're getting just what you want and aren't paying for anything extra.

If you want to transform your dog into an obedient and composed “poised pooch" that will follow your every command and behave under ANY circumstances, visit the link below to learn how.

House Training Your Dog


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