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Some Important Dog Training Equipment


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It's true that just about any job you do requires the right equipment. A master baker cannot make a wedding cake with a frying pan no matter how talented he or she is, and just try to plane a piece of wood with a potato peeler! Even when it comes to working with your pet, having the right dog training equipment can go a long way toward the success of teaching her right.

But just what is the right dog training equipment and how can you be sure that you're getting something that will help teach your dog and not her? It's good to determine this as there are some products out there that are advertised as effective dog training equipment but are really just torture devices designed to frighten your dog into submission.

For example, many people have given up the use of choke collars and choke chains for their dogs, as these are just downright abusive. There's absolutely no reason to choke your dog under any circumstances. Needing to control them is understandable, especially when you're out for a walk and around strangers. But some better dog training equipment for this type of scenario might be a training harness. A harness fits around the body of the dog versus the neck, which is more comfortable and causes the dog no pain when it's tugged on. A harness puts pressure on the shoulders and chest which are of course stronger than the neck. As part of your dog training equipment a harness can also give the owner more control as it's less likely to be jerked from the owner's hands when the dog suddenly starts or tries to get away.

A muzzle may also be an important part of your dog training equipment. Some dogs just bark incessantly, whether due to their temperament or because of where you live - if there are many other animals in the neighborhood or busy traffic nearby, a dog will just bark. Trying to smack their face or putting on a shock collar will be just abusive and ineffective. But a muzzle can teach the dog to keep her mouth closed even when she feels the urge to start barking. Many places that sell dog training equipment have a wealth of options available when it comes to muzzles. A wire basket design allows for maximum airflow whereas others are felt lined for the maximum amount of comfort.

Of course leashes and lines are also important parts of dog training equipment. The leash is not what you use to tie up the dog when in your backyard; that's what lines are for. You need to be sure that you have a very secure line that will resist your dog tugging or jerking it, but still needs enough “give" so that she can run around freely.

You will no doubt find that by using the right dog training equipment you're sure to have success with teaching and training your beloved pet.

If you want to transform your dog into an obedient and composed “poised pooch" that will follow your every command and behave under ANY circumstances, visit the link below to learn how.

Dog Training


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