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Is There Such A Thing As Free Dog Training?


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Dog training today has become a big business, with not just businesses offering this type of service to families but schools offering degrees in how to do this properly. Many families appreciate being able to have someone else train their dog, either because they simply don't have the time or because they want it done properly. However, what about free dog training? Is there such a thing? If someone offers you some free dog training should you just readily accept that offer, or are there some things you should think about first?

The chance to get some free dog training is very tempting for many families who are feeling a real squeeze or pinch on their budget these days. Obviously the rent or mortgage and grocery bill is going to be more important to most than training their dog! But while it's tempting to just turn over your dog or puppy to anyone that offers this free dog training, be sure that you stop and ask some questions first.

For example, what knowledge or training does this person have themselves? Anyone can simply smack a dog around in order to get it stop doing something, but this is neither effective nor humane. Also, many people that try to train a dog forget that it doesn't really understand the words a person is saying and so needs a certain command or action demonstrated to them before they can make the connection between that word and a certain action. For instance, you need to actually push a dog's behind down onto the floor while you continue to say the word “sit" before it associates that word with putting it's bum on the floor. Some who offer free dog training may not approach training this way and may get frustrated when the dog doesn't do what it's told, simply because the dog doesn't understand what it's being told. This is a common problem among teenagers that offer free dog training simply because they love being around dogs; while they may treat the dog perfectly fine, this doesn't mean that he or she is necessarily skilled in actually training the dog.

Another question to ask is why this person is offering free dog training and what it should include. Perhaps they are thinking of starting a school of dog training and need some experience. In that case, it's up to you to decide if this person is qualified and can effectively treat your dog.

No matter what else is involved with this arrangement of free dog training make sure that your dog is treated in a loving and humane way no matter what. Obviously this is the most important factor when it comes to anyone that is involved with handling your dog for any reason. If it seems as if all these elements are in order and you trust that this person will treat your dog well, then there's probably no reason to not take them up on their offer of free dog training!

If you want to transform your dog into an obedient and composed “poised pooch" that will follow your every command and behave under ANY circumstances, visit the link below to learn how.

House Training a Dog


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