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Enter the World of Puggles


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Are you ready for something small, fun and furry in your family? No, we're not talking about a set of furry slippers, but we are talking about the cuddly Puggle. What's a Puggle you ask? It is one of the most interesting and loving puppies you can find in the world today.

A puggle is a high bred “designer" dog that has quickly become the most popular of dogs in the “designer" class. When you do a search on Google you will find thousands of pages that will tell you anything you want to know about this precious puppy.

Puggles are a cross between a beagle and a pug and they have been bred in the United States. Although they are not a recognized breed yet the purebred of this hybrid is considered to be a dog that has a pure bred beagle mother and a pure bred pug father. By bringing these two breeds together, you have several characteristics from both dogs. Puggles love affection and they have a calm temperament which makes them an ideal puppy for children and other pets in the home. They are small enough to carry around and to sit you your lap.

Puggle Puppies have the wrinkled faces of the pug and droopy ears of the beagle. They also have short hair so they require little grooming. They also tend to be short and stocky in appearance. As puppies, they tend to be fast, want to play a lot and have incredible energy. They are also very intelligent and prone to mischief so you want to train them right from the start.

If you are convinced that you want to find a puggle puppy to bring into your family, there are several ways to do it. Check with your local animal shelter. They often have dogs come in that other people have left for adoption and they may have just the puppy you want. If they don't have one right away, they may save your name on a list until one comes in.

Some people find them in pet stores, but you may not know what you are getting if you go there. Also, they are generally much higher in price than buying from a breeder. If you want to purchase puggle puppies from a breeder, make sure the breeder is reputable, and ask about the genetic history which a reputable breeder will be able to tell. You will pay between $250 to about $750 if you purchase one from a breeder.

Remember though that puggles are dogs and they will have doggie behavior. Some will howl like the beagle and some will bark quietly. They each have their own personality and they will adapt their style to most environments.

Puggle puppies can make the best friends and you can even dress them up. They don't care what you do as long as you treat them well, give them plenty of exercise and hug them a lot everyday.

Christy Taylor, author, is a proud owner of her own Puggle and is also an in-house Puggles breeder. For more information on Puggles, visit her website at


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