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Healthy Food for Dogs - No More Toxic Food


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Hi! I want to start out by telling you a little something about what not to feed you dog. Just in case you don't read on you will have at least an idea of what is harmful to them.

1. Chocolate - which can be toxic

2. Grapes - they have an unknown toxin which can damage the kidneys.

3. Macadamia Nuts - unknown toxin which can affect their muscles and nervous system.

4. Cat Food - Too high in fats.

5. Fat Trimmings - can block arteries and also can cause pancreatitis.

6. Iron - to much can be toxin to their liver and kidney.

7. Mushrooms - can cause death

There is much more but these are a few of the don'ts.

I started doing more and more reasearch after I lost two dogs to cancer. They also developed other problems such as ear infection (which the Vet told me was from food reactions), lesions on mostly their legs (which the Vet gave me nothing for the lesions. I went to Aruba and brought back an ointment which cleared the lesions up) by the way the ointment is made in New Jersey but only sold overseas! I have a new dog now and she eats only the healthest food and snacks, if she could talk she would tell you how much she loves everything I give her.

Do you know Dogs should live 20yrs , not 11-13yrs as they currently are? It is because of what we feed them. The by-products manufactures add to their food is not only harmful but Cannibalistic!

I use this site, you can click on the link if you want to learn more go to:

There are two books I personally use and my dog loves the recipes. They are so easy it is a no-brainer. Included are the best dry dog foods in the market today. I went to different pet stores and read bag after bag of the junk put into dry and canned dog food and could not believe what I was reading. Please stop giving your dog this harmful food and at the same time you will save money by feeding them only the best.

A lot of human food is toxic. Do your best friend a favor and check out the site below:


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Good Food, Good Health - Chilli - The Healthy Super Food With Natural ..
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