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Stop your Dog from Jumping


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*Why Do Dogs Jump?

Dogs are social animals and most are very friendly especially when young and seek to have face to face contact with people. It is this desire to be face to face that leads to many dogs and puppies jumping, this is a problem particularly if they want to jump up and say hello to strangers when out and off the lead - In my experience the said stranger will always be wearing their best cream trousers! Unfortunately this can be frightening and painful experience for the strangers. Those of us with Spaniels and the like know only too well this problem, we know our dogs are friendly and just want to say hello but our visitors or people we meet outside do not know this.

*Can I Stop My Dog Jumping?

Yes you can, there are plenty of techniques that will allow you to control your dogs tendency to jump, all of which can be effective but you must follow some basic rules and, as in all dog training techniques, be consistent.

*How Do I Stop My Dog Jumping?

Different dogs will respond to different techniques and of course different dogs have different tendencies towards jumping. Below are some techniques you can use to control your dog jumping problems, before reading and applying these techniques remember to be consistent and choose a command that will not confuse your puppy to be the ‘stop jumping’ command. For instance you may already use the command DOWN for another activity so using it to mean stop jumping would confuse your puppy. Whether you use the command OFF, DOWN or some other word make sure it is exclusive to this activity.

*To Stop Puppy Jumping

When your Puppy jumps or tries to climb on you, get down to his level, getting down on your knees to his level will assure him that you can see him and his need to jump has gone, as time passes you won't need to get down just bending to fuss him will be enough, he will no longer feel the need to jump for your attention. For some dogs this will be all that is needed, however as the proud owner of spaniels i know that this is not the case for all dogs.

*Further Techniques To Stop Dog Jumping

In addition to the first technique another option is to refuse to cooperate with him, when he jumps, just turn your back and look at the ceiling, ignore his behavior until he settles and sits, he will do so eventually. When he does settle then you can get down to his level and give him the love and fussing he seeks, remember he just wants you, he is not being naughty. You must be consistent and strong in this technique, dogs hate to be ignored, especially if that is the reason for the jumping in the first place, do not make eye contact with him until he has calmed as even the slightest acknowledgment will have him excited again. Often this will be the cure to jumping if applied diligently and consistently.

*The Negative reinforcement Method

This is a method you can use for dogs that continue to jump and especially good for larger dogs. Using negative Reinforcement can be useful at times in dog training and this method can be very effective. When your dog jumps to get your attention, take hold of his front paws and slowly walk the dog backwards a few feet then gently set his paws on the ground while firmly saying your chosen command, so as you set his paws down give the command OFF. Dogs dislike being forced to walk backwards like this and so he will associate the unpleasantness of this with jumping so as you say OFF in the future when he starts to jump he will keep his paws on the floor.

*How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping

These are just a few of many more techniques available to stop your dog jumping and whichever one you choose the key to success will be consistency and application. If you go about this inconsistently your dog will just become confused, make sure all the family are aware of what you are doing and that none of them encourage your dog to jump on them as this will just cause the dog to shut down to the training you are applying. Be consistent and apply the techniques and you will be successful in a remarkably short period of time.

I'm Terry Stephens, Dog Training Expert and Dog Lover. I would Like to give you free dog training advice at my Dog Training website

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