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House Training Puppies - The Keys To Success


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As a puppy owner one of your most important tasks is to teach your puppy not to use the home as a toilet. And believe me, house training puppies can be quite a challenge. Here are the keys to success.

Accept that owning a puppy is a major responsibility. Yes, they are cute and cuddly and fun to play with but you have to be a teacher too.

It takes time, patience and a consistent approach to potty train a child. Well, the same holds true when it comes to puppy toilet training. This is especially true for younger puppies as they will not have control of their urinary and bowel functions.

Your puppy should have its own personal space. The crate, also known as a cage, kennel or den, must be big enough for the puppy to easily stand up and turn around in. I hate the word cage as it makes it sound like a punishment cell and that is most definitely not its purpose. A puppy should be able to go to its crate whenever it wants during the day.

You have to consciously watch your puppy to learn its body language. This will give you clues as to when it needs to go to the toilet.

You have to praise your puppy every time it does the toilet outside. The tone of your voice should be really enthusiastic but keep it soft not loud.

But the top key to house training puppies is ROUTINE. That means within a 5-15 minute window the following happens at the same time EVERY day

  • taken outside first thing in the morning;
  • feeding time;
  • taken outside 10-20 minutes after eating; and
  • taken out last thing at night before bedtime.

Make sure you get puppy toilet training right. It is essential to a strong, happy relationship between you and your dog.

Discover the easiest and most reliable method for house training puppies . Whatever the age. Whatever the breed.


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The Key to Potty Training Puppies
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