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Tips For Puppy House Training - Get Your Puppy on the Right Track


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Bringing a new puppy home is a great event for everyone in the household. This great little bundle will quickly grow up into a companion for life. So when do you start puppy house training? Well this should be done as soon as you bring the puppy home. This is to make sure that you stop any bad habits from the outset.

Here are some tips on puppy house training :

Give Your Puppy a Name

Start off by giving your puppy a name right from the start. They are able to understand a few words and will soon start to respond to their name.

Routine Feeding Time

When feeding your puppy, always try and do this at the same time each day. Puppies are the same as babies and love routine. This can be good for the puppy's digestive tract and also can actually make the puppy more secure.

Toilet Training

Once your puppy has eaten then take the puppy outside or go for a walk. This will train your dog to go to the toilet and when doing this make them go in the same place in the yard every time. As mentioned earlier, puppies love routine so they will be pleased to go in the same place. When your dog does this always make sure that you praise him or her for this.

However, please take into account that puppies are too young to control their bowels or bladder, so don't get mad with them. Never hit your puppy, as this can lead to a mean dog, just a quick “no" will do and don't overdo it. Remember, that it can take anywhere up to a year for the puppy to be fully toilet trained, so please be ready for a few accidents.

The “Sit" Command

Puppies by their very nature love to jump all over people. This may be ok for you and members of your family. However, this may not be the case for visitors to your house. Therefore, one of the first training commands to teach your puppy is the “sit" command. This will give your puppy discipline and also stop it from being a nuisance to your visitors.

Adopt Routine Early

Adopt routine very early in the life of your puppy and it will soon become second nature to them. This will make the dog feel a part of the household. If there are other dogs in the house that are using a schedule then make sure your new addition is fitted into the same routine as the other dog(s).

Remember puppy house training can be a trying time and will test your patience. But if you stick in there with patience and dedication, you will end up with a loving dog who will be a fantastic companion to you and the rest of your family.

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House Train Puppy - Critical Basic Steps to House Train Your Puppy!
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