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An Easy Guide to Puppy Litter Training


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Potty training your puppy can be a daunting task. You may start to wonder if your dog will ever learn to go somewhere other than your carpet. Plus if you're away for several hours each day, it makes housebreaking even more difficult.

Puppy litter training is a great solution for those accidents that happen when you're away. Read on to discover an easy to follow roadmap to puppy litter training.

When you begin paper training your puppy, it's easiest if you have a plan. Here are several steps to help get you started:

Choose the spot. Choose a room that is easy to clean. . . ideally a tile or linoleum floor (i. e. your bathroom).

Lay down your paper. After you've selected the room, lay down several layers of newspaper covering about 25% of the area. Make sure the papers are thick enough to absorb a good amount of liquid. If you're not sure, do a test with water.

Introduce your puppy to the space. Bring your dog to the room 1-2 hours after he eats and drinks. Bring some toys and hang out for a while. When your dog looks like he needs to go to the bathroom, place him on the paper. Make a huge deal when you dog goes on the paper. Shower him with praise and a treats.

Watch your dog like a hawk. When your dog starts to sniff around, pick him up and take him to the paper. This will get your dog in the habit of going on the paper.

Intercept accidents. When your dog starts to go to the bathroom in a place other than the paper or outside, pick him up quickly and take him to the paper.

An alternative to paper training. You can also use a litter box (with little pellets instead of litter). You can find dog litters like Second Nature by Purina. Use the same method as described above, but just use a litter box instead of paper.

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Tips For Puppy House Training - Get Your Puppy on the Right Track
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