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Chain of Causation


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Because of high profile cases that have been brought to the attention of the public through media coverage, most people today are aware that there is something not right about the greyhound racing industry. Those who have read of the mass slaughter perpetrated by David Smith from Seaham, Co. Durham and exposed by the Times newspaper in 2006 will know that it is happening on a massive scale. Smith was convicted of killing 10,000 greyhounds over a period of years and burying them on his land. Another case that got media coverage was that of Andrew Gough who left a greyhound called Rusty to die on a welsh mountainside. Gough had shot Rusty and cut off his ears to remove the ear tattoos through which he could be identified. Unfortunately Rusty didn't die right away and he was still alive and whimpering for help when a man found him days later, he had to be euthanised at the scene by a vet.

These are just two cases that made media headlines. There are many hundreds more that don't. On my web site and others like it you can find more information. Most people, when they hear of cases like these will be horrified. Before the media became involved the general feeling seemed to be that these cases were rare, and the greyhound racing industry went to great lengths to maintain that view and indeed, still does. Unfortunately the truth is that even the cases that have been exposed are a mere drop in the ocean of the cruelty that is far more widespread than anyone outside of the industry can know, because it is a closely kept secret. You can understand why this is the case quite easily. If the truth about the racing industry with it's death and suffering were generally known it would cease to exist - wouldn't it? That's a valid question actually. On the home page of my web site are four pictures of a greyhound with a statement about the racing industry followed by the question, “is that OK with you"? Someone sent an e-mail to me a while ago saying that it was OK with him and that it was fine for greyhounds to suffer and die to entertain him.

Fortunately most people are appalled by cruelty to animals and when they learn that someone is perpetrating cruelty they will try to stop them. There are others who seem to have a different view. Whilst not directly performing acts themselves that causes suffering, they nevertheless turn a blind eye to things that others are doing, preferring not to hear about it so that it doesn't lie heavy on their conscience. These blinkered people are the most obstructive to anyone who is trying to bring about change for the better. They are the ones who are keeping the greyhound racing industry afloat in spite of more and more opposition from other, more caring ones. These are the people I want to address in this article.

If you ever go to a greyhound race, even if it's only once a year for the firm's Christmas party, there is no way that you can escape the fact that you are a link in the chain of causation that ultimately leads to the early death of thousands of beautiful greyhound every year in the UK alone. Saying that you are doing no harm yourself doesn't cut it. Compare it to a man who wants to build a house in beautiful woodland. Unless he is multi-talented this man will employ various tradesmen to undertake the building of his house, and when it is finished he will just see the end result. A fine home for himself and his family. He doesn't need to know if the electrician has put in ring mains or in-line sockets, or if the joiner has used beech wood or ash. He has trusted these tradesmen to do their job correctly without his interference. He also doesn't need to know about the ten fine mature trees that were felled to make way for his house and garden, with the subsequent loss of their homes to various wildlife. He doesn't need to know any of this but he cannot escape the fact that he is involved in it. Indeed, he is the cause of it, because it was he who wanted his house to be built. He is a link in the chain, and when you go to a greyhound race, you are a link in the chain of causation that keeps alive one of the most exploitative and cruel activities in the world today.

Please remember this and don't support greyhound racing by burying your head in the sand, and please tell everyone you know what is happening in this terrible industry. There is lots of information on my web site and others. Please take the time to have a look and become more informed, it's then your choice if you want to be a link in the chain of death any more.

I have spent a long time in rescue and re-homing of Greyhounds, many from the race tracks. I have seen many atrocities and I know what a terribly cruel world it is for a racing Greyhound. There is no copyright on anything on and everything is freely available for you to use to make as many people as possible aware if the inherent cruelty within this industry.


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