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Dog Nipping - 5 Tips To Stop Dog Nipping


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1. When your dog does nip be sure to stop playing with him immediately. Let him know that it hurt by saying “ouch". Then you can tell him, “bad dog, no bite". It is important to be consistent when you discipline him, so make sure you tell him the same thing each time.

2. Be sure and teach your dog that you are not the toy. Always replace your hand with a toy and let him know that he is suppose to play with it rather than you!

3. Another tip is to tell him to sit immediately after he has nipped you. Take your finger and tap on his nose and say “no bite" in a stern voice. The tap is not meant to hurt him. . . . its just to let him know this is not proper behavior. Your tone of voice is just as important as the tap on the nose. If you were his real mom. . . it would kinda be like a verbal growl! After a while all you will have to do is raise your finger and he will know to stop.

4. Dog nipping, unfortunately, is encouraged during game playing. . . when the dog is jumping up to get something. So don't play games that include waving your hands, tug of war or asking him to jump up. Playing fetch and retrieve games is fine as long as your dog knows to drop the toy. . . that way he is not fighting over the toy with you.

5. Most importantly, be consistent. Dogs don't understand the “sometimes" word. They do understand the word no! Stay consistent. . . don't confuse him.

Are you frustrated by your disobeying dog nipping at you and jumping on every guest? Or do you have a new dog but don't know where to begin with potty and obedience training?

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