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Obedience Training For Puppies


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Obedience training is the only way to ameliorate the impact of annoying canine activities such as untimely howling and barking, digging, disobeying, soiling your home, escaping through open doors, and other inconvenient habits. The best time to begin obedience training for your puppy is between 7 weeks and 18 weeks. Never use punishment like chain pulling or hitting to scare the puppy. Instead, try to discipline it using rewards for good jobs. Praises and rewards encourage and motivate the puppy to perform better each time. Therefore, the key is to be very generous with a puppy frequently praising and rewarding him for his correct actions during the training period.

The best obedience courses for puppies are group classes or puppy kindergarten classes where you are present with other puppies and their owners. Such classes are very common and puppies have fun while being trained at the same time. The puppy learns how to act with other dogs and with you. However, the instructor in the obedience training classes must be fair, consistent and firm in his approach rather than being harsh or cruel when training. Bestow greater freedom on your puppy and allow it to act on its own instead of forcing or correcting it all the while. This builds the confidence of your puppy and makes him grow up to act and behave more sensibly.

Keep the training session short because puppies can seldom focus and concentrate beyond ten minutes at a stretch, after which they get severely distracted. The key to training puppies is to teach them something and make them do it repetitively so that what ever is taught to them gets deeply ingrained in their brains. The trainer must keep the training simple and constantly interact with the puppy. This teaches the puppy to look straight at the trainer while he gives instructions.

Obedience training improves your pet's behavior and makes him all the more endearing. It is very important for a joyous relationship with your pet.

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Dog Behaviour Training Mistakes While Training Your Dogs Obedience
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