Win A Dog Picture Contest - 5 Tips For Shooting Dog Images


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Are you planning on entering a dog picture contest?

Want to increase your chances of winning?

Entering your dog images in a dog picture contest can be an enjoyable experience. You can have fun taking pictures of your dog. And if you win, you'll feel good knowing that many people will be able to see your dog.

However, many dog owners don't take very good dog pictures. Here are 5 tips to help you shoot quality dog images.

1. Take more close-up shots.

Many amateur dog photographers do not take enough close-up photos. Why should you take more close-up pictures? Close-up pictures are usually more beautiful than shots from a distance. Many excellent dog pictures include much detail. To capture this detail, you will need to go close to your dog before taking the picture.

2. Squat or lie down to shoot at the dog's level.

Pictures taken at your dog's perspective help relate the viewers to your dog. You'll have a more engaging photo and you'll reduce unnatural angles. This method is also used to take great kids’ photos.

3. Shoot in a well-lighted area.

Proper lighting is an important aspect to good photography. This is why many excellent dog pictures were shot outside. Natural light is the best light for photos. If you are taking pictures inside, get your dog near a window where there is more natural light.

4. Take a lot of pictures.

With digital cameras and reusable memory cards, taking many pictures has never been easier and more convenient. The more pictures you shoot, the better chance you have of taking a great picture.

5. Use your dog's favorite toy to showcase your dog's personality.

Many great dog images do good job of showing a dog's personality. Dog toys are a great way to get your dog to be more active and playful. Also, your dog will be more comfortable which makes for better dog images.

Show off your dog pictures at The Dog Guide .

Not only will The Dog Guide publish your pictures, but you'll be entered in their free dog picture contest . You'll have a chance to win prizes.

For more information, visit The Dog Guide's dog photo contest page .


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