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Cats and the Disease Called Heartworm


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What is this condition called heartworm? Heartworm is a disease that is very common yet potentially dangerous and fatal for most domestic animals, more so house cats. This disease originates from infected mosquitoes, which in turn leaves larval infections or parasites that bury themselves deeper and deeper into the different layers of the skin of their hosts, particularly house cats which may have more sensitive skin. The name heartworm is derived from the activity of said parasites within the host body wherein after making its way under the layers of skin. They also find their way through the blood stream until it ultimately reaches the heart of the host. Thereafter, it will sit pretty to grow and develop into a community of parasites that will then have enough capacity to harm the host and pose a condition so fatal as to ensure your cat’s untimely demise. This is no exaggeration. Cat owners, do we finally have your attention?

Perhaps you may have thought that we were merely exaggerating and blowing up this whole issue on heartworm out of proportion because this condition is better known for pet dogs, and even species that belong to the canine family. However, this condition has never been exclusive to canines. After all, it is said that illness knows no definite target. But fortunately for us cat owners and enthusiasts, heartworm indeed has less grave effects in cats and the parasites are a lot less likely to complete the cycle and reach the heart of the infected host. Hence because of this difference in nature of cats, the only real damage these parasites cause is a side effect on the lungs instead of the heart. But at least with cats, the fewer worms and parasites survive the journey within their body. However, this is not to say that we are completely downplaying the significance more so the effects of heartworm on your pet cats. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We seek to caution all cat owners as this is a very important concern more so if you are living in areas that are seemingly saturated with mosquitoes. In this case, the best advice that we would be able to give is to bring your beloved feline to your trusted vet and have it checked for any possible signs of heartworm. Furthermore, you can ask your vet about preventive medicines or methods that would ensure your cat a worm-free heart.

Another advice would be to inquire with your vet about generic alternatives of these preventive heartworm medicines because you do not really need to buy the ones that are branded as these would only bring you nothing more than a greater dent on your budget. While research shows that there is currently no known or concrete product or medicine in the United States for treating feline heartworm infection, there are still ways of ensuring that your cat is healthy enough not to contract this lethal condition. All in all, it is our firm belief that the best mode of prevention for any illness is to keep you well informed. More so with heartworm, well aware is half there.

Heartworm disease is a parasitic roundworm that develops inside the right side of the heart. These worms damage it and lessen the efficiency of the lungs and liver amongst the other vital organs of the body.


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