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Looking For the Right Flea Treatment For Your Cat


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What do cats and dogs have in common? Aside from four legs, tail, paws, and being outright adorable cats and dogs may be infested with fleas.

Dogs are not the only ones affected by fleas. Your feline sweetie may also have flea problems. Cats who love to roam around your back yard or your neighborhood is prone to flea infestation. Their activities may expose them to environments and other pets which have fleas. When they have them, you will see them scratching. Far worse, fleas may be a serious threat to their health.

What can you do to Help Your Cat

I know it pains you seeing your purr ball so uncomfortable, scratching itself all day. No need to worry since you have a lot of options you can explore:

If you have been using a certain brand of flea control for quite sometime and think it is not effective then by all means change it. Ask your vet or other cat lovers for recommendations.

It may also be helpful to have the veterinarian dip your cat in a very effective flea treatment solution. This treatment may help your pet to be free of fleas for several months.

Remember that these flea treatments are only temporary. It will be best if you incorporate it with other preventive measures like the following:

  • House Check- Check the spots where fleas and other pests may cling into. Have carpets and mats cleaned the first time you see signs of these parasites. You also have to be very conscious of cracks which can serve as breeding spaces for the fleas

  • Vacuum Regularly- This will suck the fleas out of your home environment. Maker sure that you clean up the dark and warm corners of your home where fleas can tribe. Run the vacuum over carpets, mats, chairs, sofas, and other places where fleas can cling to.

  • Flea Collar- Ask your vet for an effective flea collar that your cat can wear. Aside from making your cat prettier, this will also prevent flea outbreaks which may endanger your pet and your family.

  • Flea Treatment Products- You can find a lot of these in the supermarket. There are sprays, flea bombs, or concentrates to get rid of fleas. Read the labels carefully and make sure that it will be safe for your family and your pet.

    The best tool for flea control is knowledge. Read on and be aware of how fleas propagate, what harm they can do to your pets and family, and how you can best eliminate them. There are a lot of free articles and online resources where you can find the best flea treatments. Most of the time, knowing your enemy is the best way to conquer them.

    Flea Treatment

    Flea Treatments

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