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Myths of Cats - Common Misconceptions


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Most people have misconceptions about felines. While our four legged friend can be elusive, independent and mysterious, they are no different than any member of our tow legged families. There are also many misconceptions about pet health and personality too. Here are a few about felines which are simply just not true.

While pet health is always a concern, spaying and neutering your cat will not cause them to suddenly go lazy and sluggish. They will not gain weight and become roly poly because you have them fixed. Cats are naturally energetic and curious as kittens, but once they reach adulthood, they become a bit more sedate naturally. Cats generally sleep eighteen to twenty hours a day, as a way to digest and maintain their internal functions. It is the same with big cats in the savannas of Africa. Sleeping allows the cat's body to digest their meals and rejuvenate their muscles.

Another misconception people have in regards to cats is that cats should be kept outside. They simply are not indoors pets. The idea is completely false. Many cats enjoy indoor life and have better pet health since several life threatening elements, such as traffic and other animals, are avoided. In fact, indoor cats have almost three times the life expectancy than outdoor cats. Indoor cats live an average of ten to twelve years while outdoor cats average three to five. Granted, this is not the case for every outdoor cat. There are some wily cats who can outlive their indoor cousins. But generally, indoor cats are exposed to less life threatening elements so it makes sense that they live longer. Of course, this also means that we as their owners need to make sure our wily indoor cats live in a safe environment, meaning all poisons or deadly chemicals are out of the reach of our four legged friends. Another aspect of this misconception is that indoor cats become psychologically bored and anxious because there is nothing to ‘hunt’ within the house. Any cat lover will tell you that it is simply not true. Cats have keen ability of finding something to play with, much to the chagrin of their owners. Making sure there are plenty of engaging toys available will keep your cat happy. Also, playing with your cat can keep them psychologically engaged and mentally satisfied with living indoors with you.

While spaying and neutering is important in population control, allowing a female to have a litter before spaying to calm her personality is completely false. There are some females which cannot handle the hormonal changes of pregnancy. There are some who do not have the maternal instincts either. Female cats are much like human females in the sense that pregnancy affects each individual differently. It will not definitely calm her personality; it will most definitely change it in some aspect, either for good or bad. It is best to spay your female than to allow her to have a litter, unless you want the responsibility of the litter. Consider your pet health prior to deciding on having a litter. It will be your responsibility too but it will affect your pet health.

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