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How to Teach a Cat to Kiss


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Have you been kissed by a cat? Some will say, “cats don't kiss". What if I tell you that my cat knows how to kiss?

At an early age, the cat's aptitude to learn the things being taught to him can be detected easily while undergoing the basic training on how to use the litter box, where to lie down and sleep, how to use the trap door when entering and going out of the house. If the cat learns these basic activities in a short span of time, you can be sure that he can be trained further to do other tricks.

By doing the right thing, a reward in the form of food is given to a cat to motivate him to strive to learn more. A reward can also be in the form of a soft touch on his head with accompanying praises or a light touch of your cheek to his cheek telling him that you are kissing him for the job well done.

The process can be repeated as many as the number of times the cat responds to your commands. The most appropriate time to get your cat's attention is when he is active and alert after he plays with you. His attention is focused on you as he waits for your next action because he expects another round of play.

You should take advantage of this moment. Lift him up and say, “let me kiss you". Touch his cheek with your cheek to demonstrate what a kiss is. Then ask your cat to kiss back. Do it over and over again until he can grasp the meaning of the word, “kiss" and can relate to the act of kissing. After several weeks of doing this, test your cat by asking him to kiss you.

Your first attempt may be futile but don't be discouraged. The stubbornness of your cat must bring the persistence and patience in you not to give up. The day will come when you will be amazed to see your cat responding to a simple request, “kiss me".

You will then feel his nose touching your cheek and hear a light sniff. Counter check his action by repeating your command. If your cat kisses you again be assured that he has mastered your teachings.

It is the time to feel that your efforts are rewarded and your love for your cat is equally returned by him.

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