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Litter Box Problems From a Cats Point of View! Part 2


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Welcome back to Part 2 of Litter Box Problems from a Cat's Point of View! Let's listen to what another cat has to say about “bad cat behavior" and see that changes can be easily made to cat behavior problems such as feline house soiling.

A client's cat, Raspberry, had been soiling the living room rug whenever the family went away, and this continued for 10 years. The family had consulted vets and tried various solutions to no avail. The family assumed that she soiled to punish them for leaving and my client asked if I could finally put a stop to the behavior.

When I connected with Raspberry telepathically, she said she wasn't angry with the family. On the contrary, she was terrified whenever they left, scared they might never return. So in this case Raspberry was marking her territory, which meant that this was indeed her home. She was soiling to make herself feel secure.

I asked her what she needed to relieve the fear of abandonment that was underlying her behavior. She replied, “I want to know that this is my home forever. I want to know when they are going and when they are coming back. "

I asked my client and his family to sit down with Raspberry before leaving town the next time and to explain how long they would be away. I assured them that animals understand time very well. I also recommended that they send her a mental image of them arriving at the front door at the end of their trip, excited to see her. With a strong image of a happy homecoming in her mind, Raspberry could stay focused on their return rather than their departure, and feel secure that they truly intended to come back.

Many people, when asked to fulfill their animals’ wishes so directly, say, “You've got to be kidding!" But this family was at their wits’ end. They gave Raspberry the reassurance she asked for, and she in turn kept her part of the bargain. She has not soiled the living room rug since.

Isn't it wonderful to know that changes can be made overnight? We have the ability to ask any animal why s/he is behaving a certain way; we can get an answer, and then have a remedy. . . . .1, 2, 3. And the best part of this is that it works. If we act on their wishes, problems can be resolved overnight. So welcome to the world of telepathic communication with animals. Know that we all have the ability to listen to our animals so when we are in need we can either develop this skill ourselves by attending a workshop in animal communication or one can attain the services of an animal communicator.

So I invite you to visit my website at
Stay tuned to Part 3 of our Article where you will hear from another cat so you can have a better understanding of why cats are not using litter boxes.

Carol Gurney is one of the most well respected Animal Communicators in the world.


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