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Litter Box Problems From a Cats Point of View! Part 3


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Welcome back to Part 3 of Litter Box Problems from a Cat's Point of View! Let's listen to what another cat has to say about “bad cat behavior. "

Another client of mine from Hawaii called me because one of her cats, a gray tabby named Silver, was regularly beating up the other cat, Whiskers. Subsequently, Whiskers had developed a spraying problem.

My client was at the end of her rope. When I asked Silver why he was fighting, he said he was miserable cooped up indoors and wanted to go outside. The house they lived in had a walled-in patio, but my client explained that she was afraid to let the cats out unsupervised. She worried that they'd climb over the wall and not be able to get back or that they'd be attacked by the tomcats prowling on the other side. Silver told me that he could hear the tomcats yowling, and it tormented him not to be able to see them. It made him feel out of control and that he wasn't doing his job as the protector of the household. He unleashed his frustrations on Whiskers.
Whiskers told me that his spraying was not only a reaction to being beaten up, but that it also brought him a great sense of physical relief. He was also in physical discomfort, but the veterinarian had not been able to diagnose his problem. I gave my client the name of a holistic veterinarian, who diagnosed and treated a hard-to-detect infection, gave Whiskers supplemental treatment with acupuncture, and adjusted his diet.

That solved one part of the problem. Next, my client cleared off a dresser in an upstairs bedroom overlooking the patio. This perch provided Silver a panoramic view over the top of the patio wall. Loving his new sense of guardianship, Silver stood lookout in his new “crow's nest" every day for three weeks. One day, to my client's great angst, he sneaked out onto the patio when she wasn't looking. Just when she began to panic, he popped right back over the wall and came back inside. It was as if he just needed to see what freedom was all about and then, satisfied, he decided that the dresser was the best spot for him.

The spraying and aggressive behavior stopped. The cats began to play with each other, and the household returned to normal.

Since there are so many underlying reasons why your cat would stop using the litter box, people are often left with playing the guessing game to try to resolve the problem.

The easiest and quickest way is to ASK your cat, as demonstrated in the cases with Raspberry and with Silver and Whiskers. And please remember that there is ALWAYS a reason for the behavior and the key is understanding why. Knowing that there is a lot to think about when these problems arise, you might want to seek out the help of an Animal Communicator and you can always visit my website or call us at 818-597-1154 if you would like assistance with a consultation with myself or one of my Associates. You can also come and attend a workshop to enhance your telepathic abilities with not only your cats but with all your animals.

Carol Gurney is one of the most well respected Animal Communicators in the world.


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Cat Behavior: Cat Litter Box Problems
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