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Cat Food The Difference Between Canned Food, Dry Food and Semi Moist Food

Paul Kramer

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Commercially prepared cat food comes in three varieties - canned (or wet), dry and semi moist. Many owners feed a combination of canned food and dry food. Offer your cat some of each and see if he has a preference.

Canned Food

Canned cat food is generally more expensive than the dry or semi moist variety. It is 50 to 78 percent water and can be fed alone or as a supplement to dry food. When buying canned food, avoid buying a brand that contains a lot of added preservatives (the canning process preserves the can's contents, so there is no need for preservatives), and avoid brands listing meat or animal by products as the main ingredients. It is also a good idea to check the can for a freshness or expiration date.

Canned food has less preservatives and additives than dry or semi moist food, and it is the healthiest option for your cat or kitten. However, it cannot be left out in the dish all day. Dispose of uneaten food after 20 minutes, and cover and refrigerate any unused portion.

Dry Food

When buying dry food, make sure that the first ingredient is meat, not meat by products, cornmeal, or any other type of grain or meal. Check the bag or box for an expiration date. Although dry food has a long life shelf, it will become stale if the bag is left open or if it is not used quickly. Store dry food in an airtight plastic container, and do not buy more than your cat or kitten will eat in a month.

One benefit to feeding dry food is that you can leave the food out all day (for free feeding) and it will not spoil. Some seniors may have a hard time chewing dry food, so if your senior cat is missing teeth or has sensitive teeth, you may want to give him canned food or a blend of dry and canned food.

Semi moist food

Semi moist cat food generally is not recommended as a main food for your pet. High amounts of preservatives are added to it to keep it moist and increase its life shelf. It contains high amounts of chemicals, artificial flavorings, colorings, and sugar.

Some sensitive cats have had allergic reactions to the chemicals and other ingredients found in this type of food.

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