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Differences in the Shaded and Chinchilla Silver Persians


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The Chinchilla Silver Persian is an almost pure white cat with a sprinkling of black tipping that gives it a sparkling silver appearance. They are significantly lighter in all over color than the Shaded Silver Persian. The Chinchilla should have a tiny amount of black tipping on the face and legs. True Chinchillas are becoming rarer every day as many Silver and Golden breeders add other color Persians to their breeding programs.

There are many factors that complicate the correct identification of the Chinchilla Silver. These include:

  • The “neither/nor" or “spoiled" that are often registered and shown as shaded silver because most judges feel a silver with a good amount of tipping on the back is shaded rather than chinchilla, even if the face has little or no tipping and there is little or no tipping on the legs or feet

  • A kitten can be born nearly a pure white with only a trace amount of tipping, then later at one year of age change to a significant tipping on its back, then at three or four years of age, the kitten will again be clearly chinchilla

    There has been quite a bit of debate for years about whether both colors of silver should be combined. The color differences are so subtle and are subject to change. A kitten might be registered as shaded silver, then turn to a definite chinchilla as an adult. This is very unlike any other solid Persian that is most definitely “black, " or most definitely “white, " or “blue. "

    What is the CFA standard for Chinchilla Silver Persian?

  • Undercoat pure white

  • Coat on back, flanks, head and tail sufficiently tipped with black to give the characteristic sparkling silver appearance

  • Legs may be slightly shaded with tipping

  • Chin, ear tufts, stomach and chest pure white

  • Rims of eyes, lips and nose outlined with black (commonly called “Mascara")

  • Nose leather brick red

  • Paw pads black

  • Eye color is green

    Silvers are disqualified for incorrect eye colors such as:

  • Copper

  • Yellow

  • Gold

  • Amber

  • Any other color other than green

    The Silvers have the green or blue-green eye color that is unique to them and helps to set them apart from all other Persians. They are cherished highly for their beautiful eye color.

    By contrast, the Shaded Silvers have a white undercoat rather than the “pure" white undercoat seen on the Chinchilla. They also have a “mantle" of even black tipping on their backs and tail, more shading on their foreheads, cheeks and legs. This shading should be even and free of barring (Tabby stripes) for the show ring. The overall effect of a Shaded Silver should be considerably darker than the Chinchilla. The eye color ranges from green to blue green.

    Other ways of knowing the difference in colors include:

  • A kitten born with a Mackerel Tabby (spotted) pattern usually turn out Chinchilla

  • Kittens born with Classic Tabby (stripes) markings are Shaded Silvers

  • Many Shaded Silvers will have darker margins and richer brick red nose leathers, which helps make them the darker appearing

  • Green or blue-green eye color

    Personality of both colors of silver includes:

  • They are more domesticated and dependent upon their humans

  • Some owners have said their personalities are similar to the dog in that they like to follow you around from room to room and love to help you do whatever you are doing

  • Some are lap cats, others just prefer to be sitting near you

  • It is felt the silvers and goldens are more intelligent and have more of an inquisitive and playful nature

  • They may also have the tendency to pick out a special person in their home

    All Persians are known for their very sweet facial expression that is unlike all other cat breeds.

    In conclusion, silver kittens may be born:

  • Patterned

  • Striped

  • Or even with a mackerel tabby pattern

  • The palest kittens are not always the palest adults

  • Both chinchilla and shaded often occur in the same litter

  • The black tipping breaks through first and the white comes in later as undercoat

    It is a difficult task, even for the experienced breeder and judges, to accurately evaluate color on young kittens. They go through many color changes as they mature.

    Using a solid color outcross with a true silver type can be disappointing. Often the result will be eye color loss. There are advantages, however, to using silvers for cameo breeding, but the progeny of the cameo-bred mated to a silver offers little gain to a pure silver breeder. There is noted to be a loss of glamour. However, not everyone likes the same thing, so there may be many people who would love the colors produced in such matings. As for those who are wanting a pure silver, however, check the pedigrees to be sure there has been no outcrosses to other colors.

    Written by: Connie Limon To purchase pure Shaded and Chinchilla Persians, visit and submit an application to be included on our list for kittens arrive. Our pedigrees have no outcrosses to other colors. Visit for a variety of FREE reprint articles.

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