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Living With The Cat - Chapter 4


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In reality I think there is no such choice like. Do I buy a rabbit or am I going to buy a chicken. Am I interested in a cat or a dog? You should feel deep inside of you, what attracts you. Many people have both, as well the cat and the dog. It works fine, takes some time, but they learn to live with each other.

I always hear people say, yes cat and dog can live together, but only when they get accustomed to it, when they are still young. This is not so! My cat for example is nine years old, 15 kilogram and a real big Maine Coon male. Just two month ago my wife and I married and we moved together. Her pet was a dachshund. Almost 10 years old and it was said, he doesn't like cats at all. My wife thought, we might have a big problem lying ahead.

Well I can tell everybody interested, only two month have passed, and they cannot live one without the other, they are lying in the sun together, they are having their meals together, they run about in the green grass around the swimming pool and are having a lot of fun.

Of course it was not all like that in the first days. First the dog thought, there was the cat, he always wanted to hunt. But the cat thought: This is my territory and I am not going to run away from this dog. They both had to learn a lesson. As hunting the cat did not work, the dog, his name is Dundee ate all the cat food, what made the cat very angry, but he still showed a lot of patience. Then Dundee put his entire body odor in the cats cushion. Now the Maine Coon, his name is Gino thought, enough is enough.

At the next attack of Dundee, Gino did not move one centimeter. Dundee started barking, but Gino only put himself in an upright position to defense himself better. Dundee approached more and still barking a little bit more. Then he was to close and Gino, the cat attacked very quick and very effective. The dachshund's nose was bleeding a little bit. Dundee was more than only surprised. The next days he went around the cat in a respectful distance. Then day by day the cat got used to the dog. The distances diminished more and more. Dundee came little by little so close; he finally could put his nose in the bushy tail of the cat.

Dundee never again attacked Gino and Gino allowed the dog to smell at him. One morning, when I woke up early, they both were laying one aside the other on my terrace in front of my living room.

Regine Hehn is a cat care enthusiast and practitioner. She owns and maintains New Cat care .


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