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Pet Health Insurance For Your Cats - Worth The Small Monthly Fee

Madonna Jeffries

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I am an animal lover and have been since I was a child. Today I own a couple of dogs as well as four cats. As other pet owners would know you take on a huge responsibility when you decide that you want to own a domestic animal. Not only do you have to feed them good nutritious food you also need to provide them with regular exercise so that you can ensure that they remain healthy and free of ailments.

I am quite astonished that many pet owners ignore the opportunity to buy pet health insurance for cats. Statistics show that people who own dogs as well as cats are more inclined to insure their dog rather than their cat. I am not sure as to why they decide this, perhaps it is because they have the belief that because dogs are more active they are more likely to get injuries requiring veterinary treatment, rather than cats who are considered to be more homely and less likely to sustain injuries. In reality cats, even those that remain mostly indoors, are just as likely to require treatment for health problems as dogs.

In some cases it is cats who are more prone to having health related problems than dogs. Cats are inclined to suffer in silence, meaning that although they may have a serious health problem you may not necessarily realize because they don't jump about complaining as is the case with most dogs.

Furthermore, cats are known to have an incredibly high threshold for pain and suffering. It is because of their ability to mask the fact that they have serious health problems that your cat may suffer right before your eyes and you may never even know it. A cat could well be suffering a life-threatening ailment for many years but if you don't take it to the vet for regular checkups the problem may never be discovered.

In the case of pet owners who have more than one cat, if one gets sick it is highly likely to pass on the problem to your other cats resulting in you incurring quite sizable vet fees and ongoing treatment costs. So rather than insure your dog and ignore your cat you should go out and buy pet health insurance for cats as well. When you talk to the average pet owner you get a variety of different responses when you mention something as important as taking your cat for regular veterinary check ups. Often, people will say things like “Well, if there is nothing wrong with my cat then I usually don't bother taking them to the vet". This response shows that the cat owner is somewhat irresponsible.

Like humans our pets should be subjected to frequent check-up so as to maintain good health and identify any potential problems. Taking preventative measures for our animals is a much better option than having to source a cure. The cost of preventative animal health is also much cheaper than having to fix up a particular problem. With the peace of mind offered by pet health insurance for cats you will be able to control the cost of providing regular health checks for your much adored pet. Check out the prices for pet health insurance online for all your domestic animals - you will be pleasantly surprised at the small amount you need to pay for peace of mind.

For further details about pet health insurance for cats and general pet insurance information visit Family Pet Health Insurance .


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