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How to Tame Your Cat

Adrian Fisher

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I love cats! They make me happy and when I have my Betty around me I feel relaxed and calm. I totally forget about the stress at work. However, there are cats that can make your life miserable, if you haven't tamed them properly. In the beginning, my little “angel" behaved more like some kind of a monster. I had to read a lot of books, so I could understand the nature of the problem. Just like any human being, cats have feelings and show emotions. You must learn to understand your cat, if you want to tame it right!

My First Tip:

It's very important to let the cat get used with your presence and your voice, before you try to tame her/him. If it's possible, sit next to your pet and read something to it for about 15 minutes every day. Try doing that for a few days. After that you are ready to try my.

Second Tip:

You are ready to enter the personal space of your cat. For that purpose, you need its favourite food. Get a spoonful of it and call your cat by name. This is the easiest way for your pet to learn its new name. Try to feed your cat directly with the spoon. If you sense some kind of aggression, you have to go back to my first tip. If everything went well, continue the taming program with my.

Third Tip:

Now comes the difficult part! You have to make your cat get used with your touch. Again, you need spoonful of cat food. Offer it to your kitten, but this time, put the food closer to your body. When your cat starts eating, try to pet it. If your cat remains calm, continue doing it for a while. Otherwise, try to pet your cat again the next time you feed her/him. You have to pet your cat many days, before it's really happy with it.

Fourth Tip:

Actually, you are almost ready with the “transformation" of your cat. Now that it has already accepted your touch and voice, you could be confident about the future of your relationship with the animal. My advice for you is not to rush the things. Relationships are difficult to develop, even if your relationship is with an animal. Like any good thing in this world, you need pretty much time to achieve success.

My Last Tip:

If you think you don't have enough time for your pet, you can always use a service, known as pet sitting. I had difficulties finding a cat sitting service in London two years ago, when I got my Betty, but know it's not so hard to find. Leaving your cat in professional hands, would help it get used with people around it.

I hope you've found my article helpful and interesting. The tips I gave you, really helped me tame my kitty. I wish you luck and patience with your untamed cats!


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