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What foods will help to maintain health of your rabbit?


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Fibre plays a vital role in the normal digestion of rabbits. Fresh hay and vegetables should be a major part of the diet of domestic rabbits.

Exclusively feeding pellets can lead to obesity, digestive problems, and can be very harmful for the health of your rabbit.

Despite the fact that food for rabbits contain a certain amount of fibre, they are much crushed and do not have the necessary positive effect on digestion, as hay does. However, in the complex to hay and vegetables, food for rabbits is the basis of a balanced diet of domestic rabbits.

Apart from hay, vegetables, and special foods have to be contained in the diet of rabbits in strictly limited quantities.

Rabbits have very sensitive digestive systems and any error in a diet, can lead to disruptions in the normal workings of these systems.


Hay (such as timothy grass or oats) should be available to rabbits at all times. I recommend you start to feed your little rabbit with alfalfa hay in 6th-7th month age bracket while gradually introducing into the diet hay from grasses, and at the age of one year to fully switch to grass hay.

Despite this fact, many owners are finding that their pets prefer alfalfa hay, rich in calcium and protein; it contains less fibre, in comparison with hay from grasses.

If you already have an adult rabbit and it eats alfalfa hay, mix the two types of hay and try to gradually reduce its intake of alfalfa hay.

The best vegetables for your rabbit

Vegetables are essential to the health of your rabbit. At least two cups of three different vegetables per 3 kg of body weight should be fed to your rabbit each and every day.

A wide variety of vegetables will help maintain the health of your rabbit. Preferably, the combination of dark green vegetables and root crops.

Do not feed your rabbit beans or rhubarb.

In addition, it is wise to choose vegetables that are high in vitamins, especially vitamin A.

In order to ensure that the rabbit is resistant to a particular vegetable, add one new vegetable to his normal diet at a time. If the rabbit has an adverse reaction, such as diarrhoea, discontinue the inclusion of this vegetable in the diet of fresh vegetables.

The tops of the radishes are very fond of many rabbits, and they are a healthy part of their diet.

If you want to know more about maintaining the health of your rabbit then look out for information on rabbit illnesses and treatments, rabbit ageing and rabbit wellbeing.


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