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Expensive Exotic Pets and Why Invest in Them


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When things need to be taken to the extreme, people seem to be really good at it. They do all sorts of crazy things, including keeping extremely expensive exotic pets. While some think that the animals should be free and living in their natural habitat, others are willing to pay several thousands of dollars just to own one of these animals.

DeBrazza’s Monkey

This animal has been named after a French explorer. It is a breed that is quite wide spread in Central Africa and it is known by the locals as the swamp monkey. This is because they have a habit of hiding in wet and marshy areas. Another thing that they are famous for is that they are very communicative and in case they feel like they are in danger they make loud and booming noises.

Although they seem to be brave, they are quite shy and the interesting thing about them is that they can express a wide range of different emotions. You could get one of these animals for $7,000.


The Macaw, and especially the Hyacinth Macaw, is known to be the largest flying parrot in the world. In case the wings are stretched, the animal could measure 1 meter in length. Also they are easily recognized by their bright blue color. They live in the forests of South America, but the number of birds living freely has highly affected by the fact that more and more people would like to keep them as exotic pets .

Another thing that you should know about these birds is that their beaks are so strong that they can crack coconuts open with them. Such a bird would cost you $12,000.


This kind of snake is known for being the largest snake species in India. The body of the snake could grow to have 4 meters in length and over 120 pounds in weight. This is more than enough to crush a body. A while ago they have been considered endangered, especially because there are more and more people who would like to keep them as pets. Nonetheless you can find them in the wild as well in southern and southeastern Asia. Such a snake would cost you $15,000.


These animals are known to be the closest living relatives of man and they are native in West and Central Africa. They have only one pair of chromosomes less than us and they also have thumbs, not to mention that the different groups have different social displays. Their society has a rank-based and sophisticated structure of interaction with each other. The interesting thing about them is that they are able to laugh and it is debated whether they can or cannot understand language. The price of such an animal is of $65,000.

There are also some other exotic pets that people like to keep, such as white tigers, platinum arowana, stag beetle, blue mutation yellow naped Amazon, palm cockatoo, mona guenon, toucan, savannah cat, squirrel monkey, snow macaque and others.

The taste for exotic pets is understandable and the pet owners of the world have the right to own such a pet legally. However with such a pet comes a different type of responsibility and getting a turtle is not the same with getting a tiger…in spite of both being a part of the exotic pet world.

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