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Moving Long Distance With Pets Info


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Moving home over a long distance can often be difficult, but moving long distance with pets is usually more so. While it is true that hamsters and rabbits are usually easier to deal with, more sizeable animals e. g. dogs and cats can be highly disturbed by moves. There are a number of issues to consider when changing homes with animals, including transport and veterinary services.

One of the first things that has to be decided upon is how you will move your creatures from your old home to your new one. This will necessarily be determined by the magnitude of the journey, as well as your mode of transport. If the place that you are moving to is sufficiently distant from your old one that it is necessary for you to take a flight, is it recommended that you reserve your flight a long time before the move, especially if you intend to have your pet make the journey with you in the passenger compartment.

Most airlines limit the number of pets that they will allow inside the cabin, so you will have to book your places on the flight at an early stage.
Typically only cats and dogs will be permitted inside the cabin, but that does depend on the particular airline. It is also likely that they will not allow a pet in the interior of the cabin if it is acting aggressively. Generally pets will not be permitted into the cabin unless they are kept within a cabin pet carrier. The size of these boxes is limited, you must make sure that your animal will fit comfortably inside this space as they will not be allowed out of it for the duration of the flight. In the case where your pet is larger than this they can be checked into the luggage compartment in a special case.

The most advisable practise is to talk to the airline well in advance of your move and obtain all of the relevant information with them.
If you are moving long distance with pets and it is possible for you to drive, it is important that you organise your trip with good attention to detail in order to adequately provide for your pets. In a case where your domestic pet is not accustomed to being carried in a lorry, start driving them around in your car in advance of the move. Assume that they willill from the beginning, until they grow accustomed to the motion of the vehicle.

It is advisable that all pets travel in special travel cases. The safety of everyone involved is increased in this manner, as kennels such as these can be strapped to a seat through use of a seat belt, which decreases the threat to both the pet and the passengers if there is a collision.
It is also advisable to schedule frequent rest stops when travelling.

Permit your animal to leave its box, give it its meal, and do any other maintenace tasks. If you are moving long distance with pets, always ensure that your animal has sufficient water during the journey, especially since your car may be quite warm. Do not be fixated on meeting a deadline time-wise, so that you can have a rest stop if your animals are finding the travelling tiresome.
Also when moving with pets by car, you have to be prepared for frequent stops if your pet must go outside.

This can even be useful during long distance intestate moving because you can always stop by the road, and take that time to rest a few minutes after long time driving.


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