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Electric Fence Dog Collars-Vital For A Successful Electric Fence for your Dog

Gorry Terry

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With an electric fence system for your “man's best friend" and the proper electric fence dog collar, you will be able to rest assured your dog will stay within his boundaries, whether inside, or playing out in your yard.

The Importance of Electric Dog Collars

When you have set the new boundaries for your dog, whether using a wireless or wired system, the electric dog training collar is what lets your dog understand the areas he'll be allowed in from now on. Your dog should come to quickly understand that as they approach the outer boundary, or attempt to enter a room you want off-limits, they will hear a beep from the collar.

Your dog will then realize that if they continue and cross the boundary they will receive a short burst of electricity through the collar. This is sent from the main transmitter and received by the collar to act as a correction for your pet.

The collar will continue to receive correctional signals until the dog returns to within the boundaries or the maximum number of signals is sent out. This is to ensure there will be no long-term injuries.

You will have complete control over the areas your dog will be allowed to travel. During the summer months you'll probably want them to stay out of your garden. Then, with minor adjustments, during the non-blooming seasons you can allow them more grounds to roam.

The intensity of the correctional signals will also be under your control. That means you and your dog can work through the suggested training tips included with your electric fence system. It is possible your dog will learn to respond appropriately with the minimal shock settings.

Another training aid is included with most of the electronic fence systems. Simply place the enclosed flags or sticks around the boundaries. Your dog will come to associate them with the area they are to stay in.

Contact us if you have any questions because it is very important to make sure you are getting the proper electric fence dog collar depending upon your dog's size and breed. This will ensure both you and your pet have the most pleasant and productive experience.

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