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Spring Time Health Checklist for Chickens


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Have you discovered the overwhelming perks of owning your own chickens? Or perhaps you have decided to take the plunge and get yourself a few chickens for your garden? If so, then you may need an update on how to check your chickens’ health this spring. Caring for your feathered friends can be simple, especially if you keep an eye out for certain health risks. This handy little health checklist ensures that you spot an unhealthy chicken fast, and find the appropriate remedy to fix them up.

There are many reasons why you should check your chicken’s health. Firstly it gives you more chance of treating the problem and secondly it reduces the risk of the problem spreading. This particular company are passionate about chickens, and they want to make sure that you can give yours the best home and care that they deserve.

Health Checklist;

• Eyes – the eyes should be bright and beady. If you have a chicken that has eyes which are crusty with discharge or overtly watery, then there is something wrong and they have a health problem.

• Legs – A chicken’s legs are fantastic indicators of its overall health. Scaly legs that are raised are likely to be the result of scaly leg mites which bury themselves beneath the smooth surface of a chicken’s leg.

• Nails – If you only have grass in your garden then your chickens are unable to grind their nails down on hard walking surfaces. As a result, you may need to give them a quick inspection once in a while to check that the nails are not too long.

• Attitude – usually chickens are perky and have an active attitude, if they suddenly change and become lethargic then this is a sign that they are unwell.

• Feathers – their feathers should be smooth and there should be no loss of feathers. If there is, then there could be an underlying problem such as fleas, lice, or stress associated with lack of living space or bullying by other chickens

Checking the health of your chickens can be made part of your day, interacting with your chickens on a daily basis you will soon discern when something is not right. They make adorable pets, especially if you handle them regularly. Chickens that are not handled regularly can become quite skittish and scared of even minimal human interaction. If you need any more help or advice on how to keep your chickens happy and healthy then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a local fowl specialist.


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