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Building a Hen House-3 Common Mistakes

Gorry Terry

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Building your own hen house and other diy projects such as shed building for extra storage are popular projects for people seeking to save money and make life easier and more self sufficient for themselves.

If you want to build your own hen house you will need to avoid making costly mistakes which will lead you out of pocket and with a disaster diy job on your hands. Lets look at the 3 crucial areas you must not overlook. .

When starting on your chicken coop project you will need to discover how to build a hen house and the 3 major areas where your project can go badly wrong. In this article I look at these 3 factors which include
1) Location
2) Materials
3) Protection of your birds.

1) The Location of your hen house
You will need to make sure that the location of your house is well chosen because your birds will need to be protected from predators, the elements and must have adequate light and ventilation. If you locate your house on a hilly area or slope you will incur the extra cost of levelling out the ground because you must locate your coop on a sound base to give it structural integrity.

2) Materials
The materials you choose are very important because if you go the cheapest route possible you will end up with a hen house that will not last any length of time and will lead to unhappy and unproductive birds.

3) Protection of your birds
The protection of your birds, and your investment, is critical to your long term success, whether for your own supply of eggs and chicken, or whether you intend going a more commercial route. Depending on where you live you may need to erect fencing around your hen house and some predators have been known to burrow under the fence and under the hen house.

These are 3 of the main factors to consider when you decide to build a hen house. But there are many others which are of equal importance such as lighting, water supply, feeders and chicken coop accessories.

Shed building is another popular activity and the range of options if you are considering building your own shed is huge-between salt box sheds, lean to sheds, barn type sheds, 10 x 12 sheds and many other types of storage building.

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