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Building a Hen House-4 Key Factors You Must Consider

Gorry Terry

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When you decide that you want to build a chicken house, like so many others nowadays for good financial and environmental reasons, you need to consider avoiding the mistakes of those who plough ahead without any planning or considering these 4 tips.

Building a chicken house has many benefits such as a clean, healthy supply of fresh, free range chicken and free range eggs. Your chickens can also become family pets and great for the kids to understand about animal husbandry and care.

But there are a number of things you will need to consider before you embark on your chicken coop building project and they include your climate, predators, your budget and how big you want your venture to become.

You must consider the following 4 tips when you decide to build a chicken coop or chicken house as some people refer to it as.

1. Consider the number of chickens you want to keep

To maximize the productivity and output of your chickens, and get a plentiful supply of fresh free range eggs, you need to ensure that your chickens have adequate space and are not in cramped conditions.

2: What is your climate like?

Rainfall and air temperatures are important factors when it comes to building your chicken house. .because you will need to provide insulation and waterproofing in many areas. .depending on your climate locally.
A happy bird is a productive bird.

3. Protection from predators

You will need to consider adequate protection from all kinds of predators such as foxes and dogs to ensure that your investment is kept safe and well and to ensure that they are doing their job productively without the stress and fear of local predators. Adequate fencing is a necessity and this must provide for animals which are likely to burrow beneath any fencing that you provide.

4. What is your budget?

If your budget is limited you need to do some research to see what materials you will need and which ones you can pick up for free or adapt from other uses. This you can do by doing some basic research which will involve possibly buying a book which will more than pay it's way in return to you by letting you know what materials you will need and where you will be able to economise.

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Building A Hen House-Key Considerations
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