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Movable Chicken Houses


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If you were asked to name an animal you’d like as a pet, it is likely that the top three animals on the list would be dog, cat and rabbit. Each of these little critters provide hours of fun, are fairly easy to look after and can be seen as the perfect animal to cuddle up with on the couch. Next on the list, it’s likely to be the rodents followed by everyone’s first pet, the goldfish. Unfortunately, one animal which has often been overlooked and is seen as nothing more than a farm animal is the lovable chicken. But those that have ventured off the traditional path and have their own flock of pullets or chickens will be seeing firsthand the joy a chicken can bring to any family. However, to ensure this remains the case, it is essential that you have adequate chicken houses for your feathered friends.

When it comes to housing your chicken there are a few options available: static home or movable variations. Each has their own benefits for both the chickens and owners and below some of the benefits that movable chicken houses can provide are explored.


Movable chicken homes can be seen as an eco-friendly way of housing your pullets, hens and cockerels, for a few reasons.

Firstly movable homes provide an eco-friendly way of homeowners keeping control of their grass, as it can be moved around allowing the animals to scratch around for bugs – ensuring they have a substantial and natural diet, whilst keeping the grass at a respectable level.

Some movable chicken homes are also produced from recycled plastic, which offers adequate protection for your flock from the elements, whilst proving to be eco-friendly.

Protection without Compromise:

As with a static home, movable homes provide protection for the chickens without compromising on allowing your chickens to get a natural feel of their environment – and this can be extended to the night time too, if you opt to add a chicken run onto the home.

Being able to move the home, also offers protection during the summer, as whilst your flock of feathery friends are exploring the delights of your back garden, you can move their home into the shade to ensure that it doesn’t get too hot for them to relax in later on.

Whether you’re just starting out on the enjoyable ride that is chicken raising or whether you’re a veteran when it comes to looking after our feathered friends, when providing adequate chicken houses you cannot go wrong with a movable chicken house; both your garden and your chickens will thank you!


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