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Sick Bearded Dragon


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Whenever looking after a bearded dragon, oftentimes it is unavoidable that your pet will contract an illness. At these times, you must care for your ill bearded dragon so as to ensure that its disorder will not worsen, or in a worst case scenario, it will not pass away. Listed below are certain tips about how you could offer supportive care for your ill bearded dragon.

The first and foremost step is determining if your bearded dragon is sick. It is kind of challenging since these reptiles tend to hide their symptoms from their owners when they're sick. As a result you need to be alert for abrupt behavioral changes which your pet goes through. Bearded dragon owners should look out for signs just like lethargy, abrupt loss of appetite, or drastic weight reduction.

The next thing that you should do is to see a reptile veterinarian in order to have the health of your pet examined. You may bring a stool sample along the way to simply help the vet analyze your pet’s problem. You need to always take notice of the condition of your pet so that if the vet asks concerning the appearance of symptoms, you can answer accurately. Then if your pet was prescribed medicines, be certain that you give it to your pet as directed as well as stick to the precise timetable, to help make the treatment more efficient.

There are as well several methods that you could do on your own for a sick bearded dragon. One of these is putting the lizard within a warm water that is deep enough to immerse its body but not enough to immerse its head. This remedy can assist a constipated bearded dragon, and when it's dehydrated.

Finally, if your ill bearded dragon is easily reducing weight because of a disease, you can add more mealworms and superworms in its diet. These worms are abundant in calories and they should help your pet gain in weight. However, you need to revert to the usual diet as soon as your bearded dragon is already healthy, as the worms as well contain several fats. When your pet has no appetite and does not take in anything, feed it making use of a syringe. Blend its food until it includes a liquid consistency and feed a tablespoon of the mixture. Keep doing this until the sick bearded dragon can already eat alone.

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3 Simple Steps to Getting Past Being Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired
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