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Why You Should Find The Lightest Electric Dog Collar for Your Dog

Gorry Terry

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If you have come to the decision to invest in an electric dog fence for your dog's safety and to limit his access to certain areas, you will find a wide variety of electric collars and sizes available. Try to find one that will be a comfortable fit for the breed and size of your dog and the lightest one available.

It is important that the collar fits snugly and remains close to the dog's skin yet still allows his head to move freely. The weight of the collar is the next consideration.

You will need to know the weight of the electric fence dog collar that comes with your package. For instance, the included collar may be a general size weighing 6 ounces. You will need to find what is suggested as a comfortable collar weight as it relates to the weight of your dog.

It is quite possible you will need to purchase a separate collar that is more suitable for your dog. If the collar is too loose, or too heavy, you will have an unhappy dog and you may find it puts her in a very uncomfortable, if not unsafe, situation. It can also hinder the overall effectiveness of the system.

If you have a larger dog, the large 10 ounce collar should suffice for those weighing up to as much as 100 pounds. It can also be effective for those dogs that might be slow to respond to commands, or is just plain stubborn and hard to train.

Always ask questions if needed so you are assured you find the best electric fence dog collar for your pet. This way you'll get the most benefits from having an electric fence system and your dog will be more comfortable with the lightest one needed to be effective for them.

There are many leading suppliers of electric dog collars to go with the electric dog fence system. Take your time and shop around and see what is best for your dog and your property.

You can check out your options through the links below.

Check out electric dog collars and invisible dog fencing at


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