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The Wireless Electric Dog Fence and Your Dog

Gorry Terry

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A wireless dog fence can be of great benefit to both you and your dog. With advances in modern technology there are a huge range of wireless and electric fences for dogs. .

Wireless Electric Dog Fences

With a transmitter and an electric dog collar you will be able to establish an area for your dog to roam while keeping her safe. All you need is an outlet for the transmitter and an area will be set automatically. A very convenient way to limit your dog's territory without having to lay any wiring underground.

With this system, your dog will be free to roam up to the limit of the wireless electric fence. When she approaches the limit of the boundary, a beep will emit from the dog's electric collar.

If she fails to turn back and crosses the invisible barrier, the electric dog collar will give off a small electronic shock that acts as a correction and let's your dog know they are out of their boundary.

As long as she remains outside of her invisible dog fence line, she will continue to receive the electronic corrections until the signal cycle ends so your pet is not injured in any way.

To help ensure your dog learns the limits she has set for her, most invisible dog fences will include some kind of markers for you to place around the electronic boundary. Along with the instruction manual, you should be able to have your dog comply with the new situation quite quickly. One thing is to make sure you have the appropriate collar for your dog's size or breed.

Imagine how much better off you, and your dog, will be knowing you won't have to leave them chained up. They will be able to romp and run to their heart's content within the limits of the transmitter.

With a little time in training and the wireless electric fence system set up properly you will have the peace-of-mind knowing your dog is secure, safe and happy.

You will need to train your dog though to accept the boundaries imposed by the electric fence. .

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