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Heartworm Prevention 101


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You want to make sure that your dogs are protected and defended from any major Heart worm diseases brought about by parasites. You want to assure them they are loved and cared for, too. As a pet owner, you want the best for your pets—sad to say, love and hugs won’t just suffice as your dogs’ protection in fighting horrible illnesses. One of the good ways in ensuring the safety of your dogs against heartworm is by visiting the local vet. The veterinarian will conduct easy testing to check if your dogs have these parasites in them. After knowing the result, he will give the necessary medications—he will provide you with a heartworm prevention medicine. Heartgard for dogs is one of the simplest, one of the most effective medicines to fight for heartworms. Your dogs (even the picky ones) will surely and essentially love taking these chewable tablets.

Heartgard for dogs are among the most highly ranked and trusted preventive medication. By using heartgard, you are certain that your dogs won’t be in danger. And, as a dog owner, it is a vital thing to do your job in safeguarding them against getting heartworm. You should also take precautions before using the heartguard for dogs, like any other medications. There are various dosages of ivermectin in a heartgard to work with different sized dogs. This is given monthly also. If not, loss of body weight, tremors, dilated pupils, and even deaths are the effects of misuse, such as higher doses. Ivermectin is the predominant component used in heartgard—it is the active ingredient of this medicine. Heartgard for dogs is alternative for generic prescription containing the same amount of the ivermectin. The generic equivalent to heartgard is iverhart, while heartgard plus for iverhart max (both with added component that eradicates tapeworms).

Heartworms can be transported from one dog to another through mosquitoes. It is not safe to take your dogs in places which are unprotected from these insects. When your dear dogs are bitten by infected mosquitoes, your dogs are in danger—they will catch heartworm. In number of cases, this major sickness can lead dogs to death. For sure, dog owners won’t let this happen to their dear pets. Dogs’ job is to protect your family from any danger. They are defending you against things or people that may harm you. In the same way, you as a pet owner should also ensure the security and safety of your dogs from harmful things and diseases. You should make them feel they are shielded and safeguarded.

Heartguard for dogs are excellent in helping you do the job for your pets. Heartgard for dogs is available through a licensed veterinarian, so it is really essential to meet with your veterinarian first. It is very important to help your dogs on heartworm prevention. Eradicate mosquitoes, carriers of the deadly heartworm. Most importantly, use heartgard for dogs to eradicate these parasites, to prevent your dogs from any diseases which may cause to death of your dear dogs.

Heartworm disease is a parasitic roundworm that develops inside the right side of the heart. These worms damage it and lessen the efficiency of the lungs and liver amongst the other vital organs of the body.


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