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Understanding the Heartworm Medicine for Dogs


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Heartworm medicine for dogs is one of the most essential things that every pet owner should have been keeping in mind. As pet lovers we must consider a lot of things especially in regards with the health of our pet. Heartworm disease is one of the most dangerous sicknesses that your dog can get. However with the fast paced of technology today a lot of experts have been discovered medicine that could cure this kind of disease. Heart worm medicine is known to be effective as it fight the worms that lurking around the heart and blood streams of your dog.

The same with humans, animals can get sick through the bacteria and viruses trough one bite of infected mosquitoes. The bacteria or worms have been passed to the blood stream that gets into your dog’s heart. By keeping your home and backyard clean, it can prevent the increase of infected mosquitoes that brings a lot of danger not only for your pet but for your whole family. As we all know that prevention is better than cure that is why it is best to get things done before it can harm you.

However if your dog has been already infected with a heartworm disease you must go to your veterinarian for the heartworm medicine. Today a lot of effective medicines have been discovered but you should always ask first your veterinarian on which is the most appropriate medicine that you should buy. Some example of heartworm medications are listed below;

Iverhart Plus - If your dogs are quite sensitive to what he eats, then you might consider this prescription drug. It is available in pork liver flavored chewable pills so you won’t get any problem giving this to your dog. You can mix it to their usual meal just make sure and keep in mind the dosage of this drug. The common dosage of Iverhart Plus for dogs weighing approximately 25 pounds is 68mcg/57mg, for dogs between 26-50 pounds, the perfect dosage is 136mcg/114mg, and for dogs weighing between 51-100 pounds, the dose is 272mcg/227mg. However for dogs weighing more than 100 pounds need a mixture of Iverhart Plus pills.

Heartgard - This heart worm medicine for dog is available as unflavored pill. Ask your veterinarian about this pill before giving to you dogs. The age and weight of your dog is needed to know how much dosage they can take. However to give you some idea the common dosage of Heartgard for dogs weighing more or less 25 pounds is 68mcg and 136 mcg for dogs weighing between 26-50 pounds, and for dogs weighing between 51-100 pounds it is 272 mcg.

Interceptor - This is another heartworm medicine that you might consider, like the medicine above it is approved by the FDA. This medicine also available in flavored chewable pills for the convenience of both the pet owner and his/her dogs.

Heartworm medicine for dog is a must in your First Aid Kit, as your pet is part of your family then you need to consider their health as well. Giving them the care and love that they need is what makes them feel happy, and that they will give the loyalty that you also deserve.

Heartworm disease is a parasitic roundworm that develops inside the right side of the heart. These worms damage it and lessen the efficiency of the lungs and liver amongst the other vital organs of the body.


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