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Gerbil Cages to Choose From

Kim Chariz Levita

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Gerbils are rodents that innately burrow itself in the wild to hide against its predators, usually during daylight. When you see a gerbil, the most common word that people say at first is that they are very cute. Aside from the fact that these gerbils are very adorable, they are also easy to take care, friendly to their owners, sociable and most of all entertaining. That is why many people get interested in owning and taking care of gerbils. Though they are easy to take care, there are still factors that need to be considered. They need close attention on their living, especially on where they will be placed.

There are various kinds of homes where you can place these cute gerbils. Even though they are very cute, they do not really need castle-like homes. What they need are clean, harm-free homes. Do not also forget to consider on where you will put their homes. Always remember not to put them in an area where they will be exposed to sun. If they are exposed to the sun, they will be burnt and die.

Now, there is a variety of homes where you can place your gerbils. You may choose from wired cages, glass or plastic aquariums, plastic tubes or custom-made cages. Your choice may vary according to your priority and preference. And one by one, I will be discussing to you the boons and banes of each home type.


Wired cages are the most commonly used cage on any kinds of pets. They are usually cheap and are sometimes given as a freebie or a package deal when you buy a pet especially a gerbil. Aside from its affordability, wired cages are easy to carry, durable and easy to clean. Choose wired cages that are spacious so that the gerbils can move freely. This kind of cage is not appropriate for dwarf gerbils. Because of their size, they can usually escape through the holes of the wires, or if not, they will have their heads stuck up in between which may cause them to get choked and die if not seen immediately.


Glass aquariums are one of the most expensive gerbil homes. Because it is made of glass, it is really heavy and not easy to carry. And it will surely break if you will not handle it with care. It is also hard to find a place where you will put the water. Unlike the wired cages where you will just hang the container on the wires, most gerbil owners designed adhesive pads together with the container and stick it on the wall. But do not forget the fact that these gerbils are quite active and may climb on the container and hence, the container will be detached. Though this cage is heavy, it is very easy to clean because you will just have to wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth to remove all dusts, dirt and moist. Do not also forget to put a barrier on the top of the aquarium to secure that these mini creatures cannot escape. Just make sure there is enough ventilation for the air to pass through


Plastic aquarium is just similar to glass aquariums. The only difference is that plastic aquariums are lighter because of it is a material made of plastic. But the surfaces tend to be easily scratched making it not nice to look at.


If you want a home for gerbils where they can play and explore more, plastic tube cages are what you need. It will surely be a place full of fun in favor of the gerbils. But it could be a nightmare for you. Plastic tube cages require a lot of cleaning. This tube is designed with narrow openings, making it hard to pick up the gerbils and there is lesser ventilation that can pass through. Because of its little ventilation, there is a tendency that the area gets moist and smelly. Thus, the home will be unhealthy for the gerbils due to growth of fungus. There is also a probability that the gerbils get stuck in the middle of the tube, leaving them no ventilation at all. This is usually true for Syrian gerbils and pregnant gerbils. These plastic tubes are really intended for dwarf gerbils. As to its plastic material, these tubes get easily scratched too.


When you cannot afford to buy your gerbils commercial homes, you can still give them a home. Imagination is the limit. You may construct them a home made of wood. It would be much better if the wood is hard so that it will not be easily destroyed due to the chewing habit of the gerbils. You may also put them in plastic containers, boxes or jars. Just make sure they are properly ventilated and can still move.

The type of cage you use does not really matter or is not a big deal after all. What is really important is that these gerbils are given proper ventilation for fresh air, not exposed to the sun, be fed and given water always. The container just needs to be secured so that these gerbils cannot escape and the materials used as their home are durable in such a way that they cannot chew it and give them a passageway to freedom. And most of all, they should be easy to clean. Nothing is more hassle than cleaning a cage that is hard to dismantle and has many small spaces.

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