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Find the Right Vacuum to Remove Pet Hair in Your Home


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For most pet owners, dealing with pet hair is a common problem that never seems to be solved. Depending on how much your pet actually sheds, it can seem like getting rid of pet hair in your home is a never ending chore. In homes with asthma or allergy sufferers, this process is even more important as dog or cat hair will often trigger allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

Fortunately, there are a number of great vacuums on the market that will effectively remove pet hair in your home. However, there are a number of important features to look for when shopping for a vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair. Here are 4 important considerations to keep in mind:

Vacuums for Pet Hair
There are a number of handheld vacuum cleaner models that are specifically designed to remove dog or cat hair. These models offer features that most standard vacuum models do not, and are typically more effective at removing pet hair.

Upright vs Canister
Typically, upright vacuums are better at removing unwanted pet hair than canister vacuums. The main reason for this is the fact that many upright vacuums feature motorized brush heads that help to loosen pet fur from carpeting.

Vacuums that come with a good assortment of attachments is definitely a big plus. These attachments will help you to clean hard to reach places in your home such as staircases, couch crevices, and window sills.

You will also want to look for vacuums that guarantee they will remove a very high percentage of dirt and dust in your home. Many vacuums will claim to remove 99.9% of all dirt, debris, and hair. You will also want to find a vacuum that has a built in HEPA filter to capture any dust or debris that is sucked up, without blowing it back out into the room.

Finding the ideal vacuum to suck up excessive pet fur in your home should not be a difficult process overall. Do some research online and read consumer reviews to see which models of vacuums have worked best at removing pet hair.

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