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Care of Pet Rabbits – Some Simple Steps


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Before any addition to your family of a bunny, it is a good idea to read up on breeds/care from the internet or local library, to make sure it really is the pet for you.

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK and can live inside or outdoors. They have bags of character and can be quite affectionate. They like to run about so make sure they have plenty of room to do so.

If your rabbit is to live outside, then the hutch should be kept clear of the ground, waterproof and divided into 2 different sections. Their bed which should be made up of straw and shavings should be cosy and changed frequently.

Make sure they have a secure area in the garden where they can run, hop and skip, noticeable during Spring and early Summer. They need plenty of exercise to keep them strong and healthy and the best way to do this is to let them stretch their legs. They also respond to toys and playthings to keep them occupied and to stop them from getting bored and gnawing on the hutch.

A good diet as always is very important with lots of fresh water available. A constant supply of hay and grass is a must with a few veggie treats daily (avoid lettuce as this can upset their system). A bowl of hard rabbit pellets daily is a good source of nutrition, maybe better than a hard veggie mix as rabbits are very selective eaters and tend to leave the bits they don’t fancy!

Give your bunny something to gnaw on. Rabbits front teeth are always growing and they need to wear them down. Give him some hard wood to chew on ideally from a fruit tree that has not been sprayed.

Rabbits are ‘crepuscular’, which means they sleep during the day and night and become the most active at dusk and dawn. So keep that in mind if you’re worried your bunny is hopping around during the day.

It is very important you ensure your rabbit is vaccinated against myxomatosis, even if your bunny does not leave your garden, as the virus can be carried by flying insects and is a deadly, dreadful disease.

Always check your bunny over when handling/brushing as this is the best way to spot any problems making sure they are clean around the private parts (a favorite area for flies). Check their teeth from time to time to ensure they haven’t developed any sort of infection and if you do spot anything out of the ordinary, do some research on the internet or your library to see if it warrants a quick visit to the vet.

Rabbits can make super pets for children and some are real characters. They do require looking after but are pretty low maintenance. Follow the tips above and you’ll have a happy bunny for many years.

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care of pet rabbits

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