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Secrets to Dog Training Review


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Secrets to Dog Training looks at how to prevent and react to frequent behavior problems that dogs engage in. I've looked on the Internet trying to find sources to help me with my own sometime mischievous pup, and I'm impressed with the wisdom, practicality, and advice this online book provides.

It's unusual, especially for an online source, but the information provided is credible. This book is certainly an entirely new and exciting approach! An actual dog trainer has put all his hard work and experience into this project, and Stevens has successfully tried every solution he gives in the book. Dog owners can also download a 3 minute video that gives no-nonsense answers to typical dog behavior problems.

What Topics Are Included?

Well, you can expect some very useful advice on a wide array of topics. In addition to behavior problems, the book includes advice for new dog owners (where to get a dog, finding the best breed for you, preparing the house for puppy, training, and vet appointments) as well as seasoned owners. Behavioral issues (barking, chewing, digging, aggresive behaviors), obedience training, dog health problems (fleas, skin issues, overheating) and high-level training.

The video will enlighten you as to how a dog wants to be in charge, but owners need to train dogs to obey their master. With practical, easy-to-follow tips for behavior modification for things like tugging on the leash, and becoming housebroken, you can actually start putting them into practice with your pooch immediately. What are some of the best parts of the book?

I Love Getting Something for Free, Doesn't Everyone?

Receiving something gratis always makes you feel wonderful. Though my pack rat tendencies have caused me to buy things that were not a good investment before now, with this book, I am pleased to say that Secrets to Dog Training has not proven to be the usual disappointment; the free items that come with this manual are not simply many, but they are truly desirable (amazing!).

The book is priced at $39.95. You receive a full and descriptive instruction book on training your dog, heading off and dealing with problem behavior, and a lot of good informational recommendations and suggestions.

You also receive an assortment of sensible free items, including these four extra books that cover the following: a descriptive study on dealing with dog aggression, a discussion on advanced housebreaking recommendations and problem solving (for paper and crate training methodologies), a book on efficiently grooming your dog (covering coat care for special breeds, nail clipping instructions, and teeth care), and last but not least, a manual on how you can teach your dog the skills necessary for working in security.

This further includes yet an additional helpful free item: an individual consultation with a staff person from the Kingdom of Pets. If you have problems with your dog that require some extra personal attention, you can shoot them a fast email and get back an individually tailored, thought out response full of professional suggestions and useful ideas.

This is a purchase you will not regret, and will make you and your dog's life better.

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secrets to dog training review

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