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The advantage of buying an Endura Flap pet door.


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There are numerous pet door products on the market today. The quality of door relates directly to the cost of the product. A few doors are relatively inexpensive and will be adequate for short periods of time. If you choose to purchase a inexpensive pet door, be aware that problems may arise rather quickly and the small investment that you made originally may turn into additional cost for repairs.
Depending on the size and temperament of your dog, a cheaper pet door may fit your needs. Our dog, Klink, is of medium height and build. She is a border collie, blue heeler mix with high energy. Always on the move entering and exiting our current dog door. I have witnessed Klink hitting the pet door at a full speed run numerous times a day. At times she will walk to the door and pass half way thru, leaving her back half inside the family room and her front end standing outside on the patio. She can be a dog of indecision! I have also witnessed our dog after a night of being locked out, an oversight on our part, attempt to tear apart the pet door that we installed.

Do I believe that a cheaper pet door would withstand the rigors of what Klink puts it through? Absolutely not. That is the reason that we decided to invest in a more rugged pet door. The door that we researched and came to an agreement on was the Endura Flap Pet Door. The cost was higher but we also decided that if we were going to the time and effort to install a door, we would hope that this door would last the lifetime of Klink without having to purchase or repair the door of our choice.

Our decision was made by using the following information on the Endura Flap products.

The Endura Flap door design was awarded the coveted 2007 Editor’s Choice Award for Innovation and Creativity by the Editors of Dog Fancy Magazine. We had figured that we could trust the research and time spent by Dog Fancy to our advantage. If they felt that this pet door should take top honors, then this is a door that we should consider.
The Endura Flap design is flexible unlike competitors flaps that are rigid. This meant to us that Klink would not run the risk of being pinched as she entered and exited the pet door. Also with this design, we had the option of purchasing a single or double flap design. This greatly increased the insulation aspect as far as losing the inside heat that we pay dearly for during the winter months.
It also boasts its superior seal using magnets on the bottom of the flap. We thought this may be a concern as to training Klink to use the door. Upon further research, we learned that the magnets could be easily removed to help us with the training. We need not have worried, Klink mastered the door within a matter of minutes with the magnets intact.
To some of us, having a “Green” pet door was just an added bonus to our purchase. The Endura Flap uses a non-toxic material that is recyclable and safe for the environment. Another feature that impressed us is the fact that the door was UV resistant. Over time, we would not have to worry about the pet door turning yellow and fading. The door arrived with a clear flap and we are to assume that it will stay clear.
The highest motivation for us to purchase and Endura Flap pet door was the warranty to comes with the door. If for any reason this product does not meet up to our standards, the Endura Flap will be replaced in the next 15 years. This took the worry from us that in ten years time, we would have a pet door that is old, discolored, cracked and broken exiting onto our back patio.
After researching the competitors products we found nothing close to the quality or design. The Endura Pet door seems to have covered all their bases when they designed this door. The companies willingness to stand behind their product speaks volumes in our decision.
If you are in the process of making the decision on which is the best pet door on the market, I highly recommend the Endura Flap design. With all their sizes available, detailed installation instructions and a warranty that stands behind their product, consider the Endura Flap pet door.
Our motto in life is “Buy the best that we can afford”. With this purchase we paid more than the brands you find in the pet store, but the quality of this pet door will far outlast the life expectancy of our dog. Who knows, we may have to purchase another dog to compliment the door that we have installed!

Kevin Schmidt, owner of which offers and


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