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What to Think About When Getting a Dog


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A dog will prove to be a loyal and entertaining companion but you must be prepared to take full responsibility for their health and wellbeing. If you haven’t had a dog before then it’s hard to be aware of all the factors you need to consider.

First and foremost, the size of your home and garden will dictate the size of your chosen pet. It goes without saying that a small flat without a garden is not a sensible option for a large dog.

The energy levels of your chosen pet are also important and you should think about what size of dog you are physically able to handle. Age is another key factor, and having a think about whether you want a puppy or an older dog will help narrow your search down a bit.

Puppies require training so make sure you have enough time to dedicate to this. While a younger dog may be easier to train, you will find that most dogs of all ages are very adaptable. In fact, older dogs tend to be calmer and require less exercise, which can be more suitable for some people’s lifestyles.

When it comes to temperament, consider your home and way of living; if you have lots of frequent visitors then it may be better to have a more sociable dog who won’t mind different people being around.

If you have children in the home or visiting your home then this is a crucial contemplation. Some dogs may be wary of toddlers and different dogs will have different tolerance levels to things that children are likely to do; therefore, if you have loud, boisterous children you will need a dog that can tolerate this.

If you already have a pet and are looking for another then make sure that all of your pets will be able to live in harmony. Try to match the temperament of different dog breeds to the other pets in your household.

Once you have worked out what type or breed of dog you want then make plans for the more practical side of things and be prepared for their arrival. For example, consider your average daily schedule and factor in when you will take your dog for a walk or when feeding time will take place.

Invest in good quality dog foods and make sure you keep your pooch healthy and happy. Some people opt to have their pets fitted with microchips so they are more likely to be reunited if the pet goes astray. There are other forms of pet identification and it makes sense to make sure your dog can be identified and returned home safe and sound if they do go missing.

Dog pet insurance is another essential safeguard that will help to keep your pet in tip-top condition and could save you a pretty penny if veterinary attention is needed.

Of course, there is much to take into consideration if you are thinking of getting a dog, but it pays to understand the essentials before making your final decision.

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What to Think About When Getting a Dog
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