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How About a Bail Out For Our Pets?


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The slow economy has hurt our pets also. If you have lost your job or you think you are going to lose your job, then you may be thinking that it is time to get rid of the family dog or cat. After all, that's another mouth to feed and you may feel like you can not afford to feed them any longer. Well, certainly, it is understandable that you think by getting rid of this “expense" you will be saving some money. Money that you need to go to another bill or possibly buy food.

Unfortunately, pets will be the first victims to suffer for something they did not cause and can not fix. But, if you love your dog or cat, maybe you could seek help from your local animal shelter. Maybe your animal shelter could share some pet food with you until you are working again. Of course, the animal shelters are over crowded now, because of people either giving up their pets or dumping them. And they are always short on food-but it never hurts to ask for help. If you can keep your pet at home with you, then that is one less the shelter needs to worry about caring for.

Also, if you have children, think of the trauma they will suffer if they have their pet abruptly taken away. They will never forget it! Maybe, if your child is old enough he/she could do some work in your neighborhood to earn money to feed your family pet. You may have some neighbors that would be happy to pay to have their front walks shovelled if you live in a snowy area. Whatever happened to the neighborhood boy who mowed lawns? They seem to have all vanished! No, they are home sitting in front of the TV or computer, playing video games. Lawn care is great exercise-maybe that would help some of our obese children to get into shape, as well as earn them some money. Instead, today, we are forced to hire lawn services and pay high prices to have the grass cut.

The point here is that the economic times that have befallen us has to make us all more creative to earn money and more creative in keeping our money. But, since your pet is a furry family member and does not understand what is happening, you should do everything possible to keep your family together. There is pet responsibility.

We need to establish Animal Welfare food shelves, just like we have food shelves for people. The pet food industry needs to lower the prices of pet food, not the QUALITY, so everyone can feed their pets, whether they have dogs, cats, horses, rabbits or birds.

Many times, if you compare the prices of canned store bought pet food per pound to the cost of buying fresh meat or chicken per pound, you may find that buying fresh is cheaper. Then, as you are preparing for your family, you can also cook and feed your dog or cat. It is always cheaper to cook at home, than to buy prepared food that has been prepared and packaged. You are paying for packaging and shipping. It is very easy to share some meat or chicken with your pets, add some cooked brown rice and carrots or green beans. Maybe, scramble some eggs. There are many ways to feed your dogs or cats. Plan their menu like you plan your own.

Veterinarians may need to realize that some pet owners can not afford their high costs and make adjustments in their prices. Otherwise, many pets will suffer from illnesses because their owners can not afford health care for them. Understandably so, as many people have no health care for themselves.

Most of us are in no way responsible for the global economic collapse, least of all our animals. We are all victims and we are the ones who have to bear the brunt of this mess caused by many high priced, greedy executives and bad decisions. Many people have had their lives turned upside down and changed forever.

Now, our animals need a bail out! Everyone and everything deserves food and care.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. "-Gandhi

Our great nation is suffering-We must treat everyone and everything better to survive. The bail out needs to be for everyone, including our pets.

The only “FAT CATS" that should be bailed out are the ones sitting on our sofas!

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Bail Out Or Hand Out - Are Will There Yet?
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