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Pet Treadmills - Why?


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"Pet Treadmills" are becoming the new wave for our beloved pets to get exercise with our busy schedules and to put those show dogs at the top of there game.

As your life becomes busier and busier with work our beloved pets are being left at home for longer periods of time and they are not getting the exercise that they need to burn off their built up energy and stored fat. More and more pets now days are becoming over weight as we do not have time to walk our dogs outside. Most pets need at least 30 minutes or more a day of play, depending on the breed, to keep a health weight and to keep them from destroying your house out of boredom.

Before any new exercise program is put in place for your pet you should always consult your veterinarian first to find the right exercise program for your pet.

Some of the benefits of owning a “Pet Treadmill" is your dog will be able to get his exercise during the day regardless of the weather outside, time of day, or if your schedule that day just does not allow you to run or walk your dog. Having this item will help keep give your dog a fit and healthy and long life.

Show dog handlers use this to watch their dogs walk, trot, and run. By watching the dog on a treadmill this will give the handler an idea as to the dog's comfortable speed of walking, trotting or running and then the handler can make the necessary changes for the dog to have a superb performance in the ring.

What age should you start your dog on treadmill? Dogs can be started on a “Pet Treadmill" when they are puppies and used through out their life. If your dog has never used a treadmill before there are steps that you can take to get your dog comfortable with the machine.

  • Walk your dog around the machine, on the machine while it is off. Let them do this 3-4 times to get familiar with the machine

  • Put your dog on the machine, you are to be in the front of the dog at eye level. Place your hand on the dog and with the other hand turn the machine on. Make sure that the machine is on the slowest setting. Your dog will start walking with the machine unknowingly.

  • As your dog becomes comfortable with the machine you then can increase the speed of the treadmill.

    You never want to use a human treadmill for your pet. The “Pet Treadmills" are designed for the comfort and safety of your pet. Your pet needs to feel safe and stable while on the machine. Some of the treadmills have enclosures for the pets to make them feel safer. Human treadmills are not able to handle all the dog hair that will eventually get wrapped around the motor and rollers and wear out the machine. Treadmills for pets are designed so the hair will not affect the machine. Human treadmills have shock absorbing qualities that your pet is not able to handle and they are too short, a dog needs a longer running/walking base.

    Before you go out and buy a treadmill for your pet you will want to make sure that you have talked to your veterinarian first to make sure this will be a perfect fit for you and your pet.

    Ian Pennington is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about Pet Treadmills , please visit Free Pet Health for current articles and discussions.

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