Charming Trends in Dog Jewelry

Carolyn Schweitzer

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The wearing of charms dates back to 400 or 500 BC, when they were believed to hold special powers - particularly the power of protection. By the 1890's charms had evolved into a fashion statement and a popular keepsake.

Now, as then, charms are often given by mothers to their daughters as gifts or family heirlooms. Many women start collecting them as pre-teens and continue adding to the collection as they mature. Charm bracelets make an ideal gift because of their broad appeal.

Italian charms are the hottest trend right now and show no signs of slowing down. Silver, gold, and non-precious charms snap into place onto a bracelet similar to a watch band. The charms are like the “links" on the band. They're decorated with pictures, letters, symbols and designs that can be combined to create a message or theme. Which reminds me of a great thing about charm bracelets - you can add to them. That means future gift giving opportunities!

Another growing trend in modern jewelry is “theme" bracelets. If you're looking for the ideal dog jewelry gift, a dog-themed charm bracelet could be your answer and a dog themed Italian charm bracelet might just be a slam dunk! Want to coordinate your accessories with your dog's? Buy her a branklet®, the doggie version of a bracelet or anklet.

As Italian charms have grown ever more popular, variations have come on the scene, one of which is a plastic or leather version. The charms slide onto the leather or plastic bracelet, which comes in a variety of fashionable colors. These charms usually take the form of letters, numbers, and popular symbols like hearts or butterflies. Like the traditional kind, they can spell out a message or a name, or advertise the wearer's interests or sentiments.

Ready to coordinate? For the woman who thinks of her dog as a furry child (or, heaven forbid, an accessory) mother-and-dog can now coordinate their look with leather charm collars for the dog! Picture “mom" wearing her leather charm bracelet, rhinestone charms spelling out “I Love my Dog". Picture her four legged companion alongside her, wearing a matching leather collar and charms of his very own. Bowser can headlight his name in rhinestones. Or maybe his collar will spell out how much his mommy loves him.

There's yet another type of charm that can be shared between man and dog - or woman and dog, as the case may be.

To symbolize the prayer for protection, or the golden bond between owner and dog (or dog and dog), gold Protection Medallions and Bond Charms are the answer. The 14K hearts can be separated so that each owner wears half. For dogs who are best friends, or people who are best friends with their dogs, this is a gift of dog jewelry that says it all. Should your pal ever wander off, you'll have no problem proving that the two of you are a pair!

It's safe to say that charms have gone to the dogs, but in a very positive way! What a great time it is to be a dog.

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