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Flea Free Forever - Is it Possible? How?

Tracy Lenderink

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Having a dog or cat means you have probably had some experience with fleas. If you know what to look for and stay on top of things you will be less frustrated. Yes, you can be flea free forever, my dog has.

Healthier dogs and cats fed a more natural and raw diet and kept in clean environments are less likely to get flees, but don't let your guard down. Fleas only live about one hundred days but lay thousands of eggs during that time. Flea eggs can lay dormant for years.

Flea eggs are white, round, very small and slippery. Flea dirt looks like black sand and turns red when moist. The flea eggs need warmth and moisture to hatch. The larvae are the most vulnerable stage. Then they spin cocoons where they can survive up to one year.

Vibration, heat and moisture causes the next stage of the adult flea leaving the cocoon and jumping onto a host beginning the whole life cycle once again. This cycle can take from seven to fourteen days in good conditions. Be aware that fleas can jump great distances, hundreds of times their size.

Treat your yard with dehydrated nematodes. Add Nutritional Yeast to your pets diet: one teaspoon for a cat or small dog up to about three tablespoons for a large dog. Garlic cloves one to four depending on size or in capsules, a combination of both yeast and garlic in a commercial product.

Check your pet daily and look for the flea dirt. Bathe with a flea shampoo of herbs or essential oils, make sure the shampoo is safe for cats, if it doesn't say for cats don't use it on your cat.

Regular quality shampoo of natural products will also do the trick. Apply the shampoo to your dry pet and lather him up well and let it set for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing well.

Vacuum your house daily and get into the cracks and crevices, furniture and cushions. Discard the bag into an outside garbage can. Keep one tablespoon of borax in your vacuum bag to prevent any eggs you vacuum up to hatch. Wash your pet's bedding often. If you allow your pet to sleep on your bed then wash your bedding often too. Fleas will bite humans too!

If your dog or cat starts scratching check him out real good. Look for flea dirt at the base of the tail, on the tummy, or by the ears of your pet. Bathe your pet at once and treat your house and yard. Once you have fleas keep up the house cleaning, checking and washing your dog or cat weekly, long after you think you have gotten rid of them.

These are the basics but there is much more information on better more natural pet foods, holistic treatments, natural sprays, rinses, natural herbal collars, and flower essences.

For more information on fleas and other holistic treatments and our upcoming teleseminar/Webinar training class presented by Holistic Vet, Dynamic Teacher, Speaker and Writer, Dr. Christina Chambreau on “7 Keys To Great Health for Dogs and Cats" visit: - to learn more about this training seminar hosted by Tracy Lenderink of starting on October 14, 2008 for six weeks with day and evening classes that are each held once a week.


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Looking For the Right Flea Treatment For Your Cat
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