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Dog and Cat Nutrition - Truths in Proper Feeding Your Special Pet

Tracy Lenderink

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With our dogs and cats nutrition under so much controversy, it can leave one wondering what is proper nutrition. As a whole, pet owners are concerned about their pet's health. It still amazes me though; the masses of people that just don't get it or find it hard to believe or to change.

Dogs and cats nutrition should consist of raw meats including organ meat, raw bones, veggies and fruits. They are both carnivores, with cats having even less carbohydrate requirements, if any, then dogs. Look at their teeth; they are made for tearing flesh.

Keep in mind that in the natural state dogs and cats when eating another animal would also eat the stomach and intestines. Thus they would consume fiber from grasses, veggies, fruits and nuts and whatever else that animal had eaten.

All kibble is dead food. Now there are cheap kibbles, and then there are quality kibbles for those who just can't seem to make the change.

So please, do your research and get the best kibble you can find. Watch for the protein content in the first five ingredients. When you see meat, you want it verified as to what type of meat. You automatically think that “meat" is better, but again when you see “meat" that is before it is processed thus you will actually not have the true percentage after it has been turned into meal, which has to happen. I have never opened a bag of even the best kibble and found meat, have you?

But keep in mind there is quality meat meal and kibble made from human grade meats and grains that doesn't have beet pulp, soybean meal (which isn't processed effectively by dogs or cats), cellulose (sawdust), by-products of any kind, meaning the scraps: feet, beaks, feathers, left over grain hulls and so on. No preservatives like BHT, BHA, and Ethoxiquin, an antioxidant preservative, (also known as Deccoquin labeled as a “Poison") used to keep fats from becoming rancid. Look for vitamins C and E as preservatives.

Does your dog have ear infections, skin problems, immune disorders, pancreas, thyroid, and multiple types of cancers and organ disease? These are all related to cheap kibble with the above preservatives BHT, BHA, and the antioxidant Ethoxiquin.

There are also precautions about fish, with the unsuitable parts being used that are not fit for human consumption along with high mercury levels.

What about fats, low fat foods, fats filled with preservatives to keep them from becoming rancid are not good. Look for chicken fat, not animal fat.

For your pet's sake, supplement with raw meats including organ meats, raw bones like chicken backs, wings, and neck, raw or cooked eggs, cottage cheese and whatever veggies and fruits your pet has a liking for. Onions can cause anemia, and raisins can be toxic but organic raisins don't seem to be harmful. Avoid chocolate, cocoa, and macadamia nuts. Remember keep it balanced.

Veggies should be chopped up well, grated, or pureed. Some insist on cooking their pet's food, but it isn't necessary. In the natural state animals didn't have stoves or microwaves to cook their food in. Personally I don't even use a microwave for our own personal human food, because it changes the molecular consistency and kills enzymes.

There is much more to be aware of. Hopefully this will get you to really thinking about what you are feeding your dog, and not just feeding what you are conditioned to feed because of advertisements and convenience backed up with years of learned behavior on that's how you think it should be.

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