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Owning Both a Cat and a Dog


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Many individuals are under the faulty assumption that cats and dogs cannot peacefully coexist in a home. While it is true that dogs and cats may be naturally inclined to fight one another (as they have a predator / prey relationship instinctively), there are lots of things you can do to ensure that your dog and cat will have a healthy and peaceful coexistence, and possibly even a friendship.

  • If you have a cat already when you get a dog, you should keep the dog restrained when it is in the house by putting it in a separate room or area of the house. Let your cat roam free so that it can begin to “investigate" the dog. As your cat gets more and more inquisitive, it will begin to approach the dog and sniff it out. Eventually, the cat will be comfortable with the dog and you can let them occupy the same space together.

  • If you introduce a cat into a house that already has a dog, you will probably want to exercise additional precaution as the dog may be territorial. If your dog is already trained, it will hopefully be less inclined to attack. However, to be safe, you will want to restrain your dog with a leash when it is around the cat for a while. Once the two can be around one another without the dog acting aggressively, you can take the dog off the leash.

  • The earlier you can introduce a dog and a cat to one another, the better. If you get your dog and cat before they are both 4 months old, there is a good chance that they will not see one another as enemies. In fact, dogs and cats that meet one another when they are this young, they are likely to view one another as friends and form a close relationship.

  • Once you have a cat and a dog that are familiar with one another, there are a few things you should do to prevent any further fighting. When it comes time for feeding, you should be sure to feed both animals at the same time, but in different places. This will prevent the dog from eating the cat's food, which can provoke aggressive behavior in the cat.

  • Additionally, you should always keep a kennel or baby gate on hand so that you can effectively separate a dog and a cat if fights should occur.

    For more information on dogs and cats as pets, contact the New York vet clinic today .

    Joseph Devine

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